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The Gift of Love

The Gift of Love
Excerpt from my book Mystical Intimacy

Love is a gift that guides us; it doesn’t calculate our value. It is the spirit in all life that reaches in towards our most profound vulnerabilities and releases our barriers.

The gift of love endeavours to remind us that we are sacred, and it compels us into complete trust because that is what is needed to be whole, body and soul.

Masiandia say that to give and receive freely is a state of “being” in love. It’s a state of allowing the Divine to guide and embrace us, breathe through us and dissolve holding patterns. Then it doesn’t matter who nurtures us in return and how, because our self-honour becomes a magnetic frequency that draws in what we need.

We cease struggling for respect and affection and rather are opened to it, filled from within. “Being” in love welcomes God into all aspects of our lives, as we welcome the Divine and are filled to overflowing.

Channelled Message

“Love is not something that you can ever measure up to because it is not a reward. You needn’t compete or strive for it, for it cannot be attained. Love simply ‘exists’. It is not something you accomplish, consume, have or have not. It is your birthright; not something you have a right to, as it is already yours.

“You give and receive fully by ‘being’ devoted to yourself and the world as it is, without trying to change it.

“If everything around and within you had to change in order for you to give yourself fully, you would wait a very long time.

“The world does not have to be a secure, safe and reassuring place for you to welcome your divinity and be whole, nor do you have to be perfect. You can connect with your yearning now, fully, by not making yourself wrong for needing to be cherished. And you can be opened to God’s love as it streams through you by feeling the immensity of your desire

“You exist in this world and in multidimensional realms to ‘be’ heartful, to be the expression of divine grace, not only when it feels good but in all areas of your life.

“It is highly necessary that you love yourself, which is not a task to accomplish, but a way of being. As we mentioned in chapter eight, fall in love with yourself as though you are a newborn child.

“Since you are reborn in each and every moment then fall in love with yourself over and over again, starting now.” ~ Masiandia.

Photo by Vern Bahti Minard
Photo by Vern Minard

Love Enters Silently
Poem by Linda L. Nardelli

Even when love is kind,
as water is to earth
the scorched and lifeless soil
Water pools along its surface
until it is ready to be received.
Love enters silently –
and waits to be absorbed.
It is a talisman
That grows ring upon ring
like the old grandfather tree
until it is taken in.
The body is made whole
and replenished.
Love welcomed and sublime.



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