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BodySOUL Integration
Nurture your soul by being curious and open to the inner wisdom of your human nature, and fiercely receptive to your intrinsic value.
BodySOUL Integration
Nurture your soul by being curious and open to the inner wisdom of your human nature, and fiercely receptive to your intrinsic value.

What is your soul essence?

You have innate qualities and sensitivities intrinsic to your spiritual nature.

To uncover your Divine Spark and
receive guidance specific to your soul and personal needs.

Would you like to…

Discern your truth from the external noise and impact of conditioned reality.

Be the wise observer listening to the messages inherent in your emotions, felt-senses and polarities.

Trust your own wisdom and connect with your spiritual source of inner guidance.

Something amazing happens when you cultivate an intimate relationship with your soul. You surrender the conditioned mind for authenticity. You discover that you don’t have to struggle with pain, anxiety and depression. Instead, you listen to the messages within your life experiences, and you heal into consciousness.

It’s my honour to provide channeling and highly intuitive healing, with a solid foundation of counseling knowledge, to help you make peace with your inner and outer self, free blocked energy, and emerge whole in body, mind, and soul.

“I have attempted many times to write a testimonial for Linda but it becomes a long story, for she has helped me in so many ways that it’s  difficult to condense it all. So, I am just going to tearfully thank her for saving my life.”
– Jean

Connect with what your soul wants you to know.

Through my channeling gift, I help you reconnect with your soul wisdom.

My approach is multifaceted; I combine direct channeled communication, intuitive shamanic healing, and a system to release blocked energies, with hypnotherapy and somatic counseling, for the purpose of helping you discover who you are on the other side of obstacles, conflict, dis-ease and pain.

As children, we are born with two essential contrasting needs—self-expression and a competing need for security. These competing needs create a split between the true and strategic self—a fractured state shaped by familial and cultural conditioning. This fracture can run so deep that we disconnect from our soul’s essence and sense of purpose.

I help you see beyond self-limiting beliefs and unrealized needs so you can foster an intimate relationship with your spiritual integrity.

“Linda’s sessions are life-altering beyond imagining. I am deeply grateful for her brilliance, wisdom and kindness, for all the hope and faith she inspires, and for being the wave beneath me at a time of great struggle.”
– M.N.

“Linda’s Integrative Counselling fills me with many unexpected insights. She opens so many doors for me to go and explore what’s behind them. I am truly grateful for her guidance … it’s powerful, sensitive, beautiful and meaningful.”
– Marleen

I am thrilled that through Linda, I connected with my spirit guide. I am now open to receiving inner counsel. I am so grateful for how much Linda ‘s channeled guidance and healing has helped me change in a very powerful way.”
– Julie

“Linda is a very gifted counsellor and channel. I was amazed at how quickly she grasped the core essence of my issues and helped me to process them in an eloquent and powerful way.”
– Monika

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