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My Art

I first experience channelling through my art.  As an artist, my intention has always been to get out of the way, to surrender to the creative process and allow the mystery to unveil itself.

I’m crazy about self-expression and even more so for the way that creating art allows me to harmonize energy. It’s my meditation. Through my art, I journey to the inner landscape of my emotions. I paint the sentient characteristic of perception and subjective experience, and give shape to the wind, the warmth of the sun, the sustenance of water and richness of human nature.

Each work of art is shaped out of the mystery of the Soul and life’s influences, and carries the healing vibration of a Mandela,
becoming an alter for deep healing and connectivity.

“To perceive and understand the labour that gives birth to Linda’s art, we must journey to the place of conception, from which they take, and are given creation. Here we become witness to the forces that shape and compel the artist herself; in turn, Linda stands witness to us through her art. We are revealed and celebrated in all our aspects; those we have lived and those we have yet to experience. The stories and images she depicts are recordings of us on our journey upon this shore.”
– Brian Arnold

Visit my art-site to view
my extensive portfolio.

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