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Soul Circle
Spiritual guidance and transformational healing with Linda Nardelli, featuring live teachings, journeys, group discussions, and Q&A.
Join the Soul Circle for a deep dive into living life
consciously and to be part of a spiritual healing community.
Soul Circle
Spiritual guidance and transformational healing with Linda Nardelli, featuring live teachings, journeys, group discussions, and Q&A.
Join the Mentorship Circle for a deep dive into living life consciously and to be part of a spiritual healing community.

You are invited to join the Soul Circle, an online community devoted to integrating the whole body, mind, and soul. 

Once every four weeks, we join together for a live group-channeling session to delve into teachings essential to your spiritual path with contemplative practices and processes that open your mind, nurture the soul, and support transformational healing. This is your opportunity to embark on a personal growth and self-discovery journey.

As a member, you will not only help shape the conversations and foster a collaborative spirit of mutual support, but you will also find a place where your unique journey is valued.

The true beauty of our spiritual community lies in the synergy of group exploration, creating a collaborative web that activates growth and transformation for both the individual and the collective.

I hope you’ll join our growing community to receive support on your spiritual journey and cultivate transpersonal awareness. Together, we can harness the transformative power of collective healing, offering a beacon of hope and optimism in these challenging times.

Soul Purpose

“I love the monthly sessions!  They give me the time & space to sink in with beings of like-mind in a safe, non-judgmental place. I don’t even realize what I am missing until I am there in the Circle. They have been a lovely cup-filling place over the last months.”
– Wendy

Spiritual counselling

The Soul Circle is for the dedicated person who prioritizes personal growth and collective healing.

It is an opportunity to free your divine spark and know that you really matter. It’s an environment to move beyond the limitations of self-judgement and social pressure, foster conscious awareness and experience the joy of uncovering your essential worthiness.

Be part of the Circle to

  • Awaken and nurture your whole body, mind, and soul.
  • Connect with your inner compass and cultivate authentic expression.
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself, others, and Spirit.
  • Be part of an intentional community where we can make a difference together.

You have the inner power to influence the outer world.

There is a rich treasure trove of felt-sense experience from within you to draw immeasurable guidance, which can impact your choices and interactions with others. My vision is to provide a sacred space for you to remember who you are, integrate the fragmented parts of you and live spaciously.

I believe that all people matter and every individual is a thread of consciousness in a larger tapestry of purpose and belonging, and I trust in our sacred responsibility to co-create meaningful change in the world, starting with ourselves.

Flexible Online Format
Participate LIVE or via the Recording

The Circle is held on Wednesday evenings Pacific time, with exceptions due to travel.

The next Circle is Wednesday, July 31st at 6:00-7:30 pm PDT

Only $38 CAD Monthly Subscription

$380 CAD Annual Subscription (Save $76) 

Mystical teachings

Discover the unique journey we embark on in the Soul Circle.

We delve into mystical teachings, awareness practices and relational tools with channeled messages, spiritual guidance and mentoring. Together, we explore how mystical awareness fosters empathy and compassion toward ourselves and others. We tap into a deep well of insight, resourcefulness, and intuition. We also explore self- and co-regulation, learning to manage triggers, and accessing the inner intelligence of thoughts and emotions.

Listening to your body and emotions is encouraged so you can connect with the deeper wisdom of your soul. The body is seen as a conduit for Spirit. All thoughts and feelings are welcomed, leading to a more profound understanding and healing. Emotions and shadow aspects are not signs of weakness but a path to transformational healing and spiritual awakening. We view challenges as opportunities for growth, understanding that these lead to spiritual insight, awakened consciousness and integration.

The Circle is a place to access collective healing. As part of the Soul Circle, we unlock the profound healing potential of the group’s subtle energies. The synergy within the group dynamic accelerates personal growth and supports collective healing in the circle and worldwide. We join together to nurture the field of peace, soothe the pain from conditioned patterns and ancient traumas, and free trapped energies.

What to Expect in the Circle

Each circle begins with a guided journey followed by a collective check-in and channeled guidance. What follows is experiential. We explore the meaning of the channeled message and its relevance, and we address personal inquiries with healing processes and embodied somatic experiences, which can include break-out rooms to allow members to connect, explore and learn together.

  • Embark on new ways of perceiving reality.
  • Grow your ability to stay present and attune to your intuition.
  • Tap into the wisdom inherent in your human nature.
  • Have the courage to trust your intrinsic worth.
  • Be deeply supported on immediate and longstanding issues.
  • And be a source of support for others in the group.

The Soul Circle offers you a monthly (scheduled every 4-weeks) 90-minute online session via Zoom with impactful spiritual mentoring and somatic experience.

The Circle also includes a Weekly Oracle Message, exclusive access to a growing library of guided meditations/journeys and teachings, and an online community to meet other members and embody new connections, expand your awareness and nourish your soul.

Take a deep dive into living life consciously

for only $38 CAD Monthly Subscription

$380 CAD Annual Subscription (Save $76) 

Cancellation Policy: A monthly subscription will automatically renew one month after the date you registered and every month thereafter. If you choose an annual subscription, it will automatically renew one year after the date you registered. If you cancel prior to the next renewal date, you will not be charged on the next renewal date.

Refund Policy: You may cancel your membership within 30 days of signing up and receive a full refund. After 30 days, no refunds will be granted. Refund requests must be made by email. Refunds will be issued in the same form of payment made and may take up to three weeks to process.

Hi!  I’m Linda, the soul-in-body human navigating this spiritual adventure.

Through life’s ever-changing landscape, I’ve been devoted to the journey of embodied divinity. As a spiritual guide and mentor, counsellor, transformational healer and author, I’ve honed my belief that every person is whole and resourceful and can serve as a powerful co-creator with Spirit in all aspects of life.

I am passionate about welcoming the multi-facets of being human and accepting that nothing is as it seems and people behave as they do for reasons beyond the reasoning mind.

I trust that we foster connection when we learn from one another and celebrate our uniqueness. My intention is thus grounded in collaboration and the healing power of embracing different perspectives.

Through thought-provoking channeled guidance, mentoring and meaningful conversations and healing processes, I support a community where individuals evolve their beliefs, expand their horizons, and collectively work towards making a positive difference in the world. I believe meaningful change begins with individuals making intentional choices that inevitably ripple out and impact others.

As the driving force behind the Soul Circle, I endeavour to provide an environment where members can engage in transformative teachings and life-affirming connections.

I am dedicated to inspiring others on the spiritual journey to develop self-inquiry practices, evolve, and enrich their lives, ultimately leading to a more purposeful and peaceful existence.

Join me in this vibrant community to foster conscious awareness and impact the world with lasting change.

Linda L. Nardelli

“Linda is like Esther Hicks who channels Abraham, only more applicable, relevant and useful.”
– Jocelyn McCord

Connect with an intentional spiritual healing community.

Since you are here reading these words, it means that the Soul Circle has the potential to enrich your life. Something vital beckons you. Perhaps a shared love for humanity and the desire to heal the wound that separates us. What if you hold the key to integration and nurturing a compassionate, sustainable world where every human feels worthy?  Imagine what you can realize with that key!

The Soul Circle is not an ordinary opportunity; it’s a transformative journey that merges spiritually with personal psychology and unites the fragmented parts within the self into wholeness.

You have the potential to experience transformational healing and free ancestral conditioning, and embark on a path of awakened consciousness.

Be part of this impactful journey!

Special Note

When attending the LIVE sessions, your on-screen presence is appreciated.

Your full presence makes such a difference in co-creating an intimate online environment. The purpose of this circle is to include yourself, not only be a spectator.

As well, timely attendance and not eating or engaging in other distractions during the circle, is necessary to support the well-being of the group.

Let’s co-create a safe and welcoming environment for the organic unfolding of the synergy in the group.

Email Notification and Reminder

Members receive email notification of the session date and time and an email reminder with the Zoom access link.

Audio Recording

The recording of each online session will be made available on the Member website within 72 hours of the event.

To honour your privacy, you have the option to not be on the final recording. Any sections of the video with your visual or voice can be removed.

“Linda and Masiandia are the real deal – an amazing source of guidance who have revealed my inner truth. The mentoring and process have helped me recognize that who I am and where I am in my life is perfect. I’m now living a more conscious life. I welcome everything with gratitude and allow my own innate wisdom to guide me. I’ve been changed and now have a deeper connection with my soul.
– Julie 

“Linda’s group-channeling is life-changing. I was reminded that I’m not alone and can take my time and go at my own pace in life.”
– Kathy

“I cannot tell you how important the healing that I received is to me.  I am grateful to you, Linda and Masiandia, for going immediately to the quick of the matter.  No nonsense – just right to it.  Gently but directly.”
– Mary-Anne Thomas

“Linda models great presence and love. She always goes to the heart of the matter and opens your channel to the light.”
– Grace

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of the group experience that was so well done. It was helpful for me to recognize how the ego projects and how to empower it to be a mindful witness, instead of the reactor.”
– Michael

“The group-channeling was transformative. Linda’s presence was powerful and loving, and the channeled messages were so relevant. And I left feeling deeply seen and acknowledged.”

“What Linda brings to her healing circles is a multi-faceted approach to introducing each participant to channeling and their own journey. Linda has a gift for reading the group’s energy, and she weaves together an experience that is personal and relevant to each participant.  It is fascinating and inviting to look deeper into how she channels her guides to bring much-needed wisdom. I left feeling deeply seen and so grateful for the group energy as a whole, and I believe Linda is skillful and very humble with her approach to opening up the hearts, souls, and minds of everyone she works with.
– Nathalie

“I was truly amazed at how safe and deeply connected I felt. There was so much depth to each and every session! My moment of healing has impacted how I approach every day and every situation in my life. I now have a profound sense of calm where chaos once lived.”
– Lisa Larkin

“I felt full and nourished with being in the group channeling event. I loved the deepening connection to the community, myself, and my spirit. I discovered that my existence can do more than I think! It can help as a source of support of confidence to continue on the path that I am and that it is enough.”
– Brittany

 “The group felt safe, kind, and generous, and encouraged connection and support like an instant community to bring all of myself to. It was revealing to be amongst strangers who mirrored my own past and present experiences, and it was reassuring to feel recognized. The genuine self-inquiry was so helpful. It loosened some hard spots in myself in a residual way.”
– Ilana

“The event was a very powerful experience for me. I am grateful for Linda’s insight to support the process that unfolded for me and another group member. I’ve never been in this situation before. I felt odd and vulnerable, yet I was also supported. Afterwards, one of the men in the group said that he felt that the shared process was a healing gift for the whole group. Linda is not afraid to go into dangerous territory with participants – Love is the essence of her work.  The gift I take away from the healing is to be open to experiencing Love and more Love at any moment. Let it in! I understood that it’s in the yearning for Love that we get to feel it, to embody it more.”
– Lyne

“Words cannot express the experience of the group channeling; only attending and participating can open your eyes. The event met my desire to associate with like-minded people who allow their spirit to guide them, and it reinforced my belief that expressing love, gratitude and compassion allows me to ascend to a higher level of consciousness. I love Linda’s spirit and feel gratitude towards for all that she does for so many.”
– Robin

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