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Mystical Intimacy is an invaluable guide for embracing all of you, body, mind and soul

Steeped in spiritual teachings, this book reveals the inherent wisdom within your thoughts and felt experiences, and helps you reconnect with your soul consciousnesses. It is a tool for self-realization and healing.

Knowing yourself and living by the honour code of your higher self can sometimes feel so out of reach when in fact, Source-energy is at your fingertips. Mystical Intimacy is a book designed to help you recognize the guidance inherent in your life and awaken you to your innate beauty and resourcefulness.

People who have worked with me privately say that Mystical Intimacy carries many of the same energies they experience in session. The book speaks in a personal way to every individual who reads it.

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“I experienced profound awareness and healing while reading the pages of Mystical Intimacy. This is the most important book of the decade on spiritual attunement. In a time of such turmoil, this book will bring deep transformation and healing to those who read it and will uplift our planet as a result.”
– Kala H. Kos, author of Magic Manifesting

Do you want to remember that you are more than your human conditioning?

Plunge in and awaken your senses, and be nourished by a skillfully woven tapestry of spiritual concepts with psychological integration.

Mystical Intimacy is a book on remembering that you are sacred and you matter. You are more than your strategically conditioned thinking; you are a conduit for awakened consciousness – the key to embodying truth and belonging.

Our civilization has become estranged from the true essence of human nature and oblivious to divinity. Since childhood, most of us have been told that it is wrong to feel and that trusting our senses is foolish. I see this in my practice as I walk people through the tyranny of their rational thinking into the heart of courage to feel and invite Source energy into their lives.

Healing and being whole is a choice! You can either fight reality, consumed by the material world and convinced that life, as you know it, is all there is, or you can develop an intimate relationship with your longing.  Ultimately, your deepest desire is your guiding light.

“So much more than a book – it is a powerful catalyst for transformational healing and spiritual awakening!”
– Catherine Whelan Costen, Owner/Producer Catherine Publishing

Uniquely written in a co-creative way with the channeled teachings of Masiandia, personal life-stories and spiritual psychology.

Every chapter is rich with channeled messages intended to deepen your connection with your essential worthiness. The stories I share bring the channeled messages home and shed light on embodied divinity.

As an integrative counselor and spiritual devotee, I share a wealth of knowledge to help your rational mind surrender into the energy activation that is eminently part of this book. Mystical Intimacy transmits energy medicine and can infuse you with a deep sense of personal well-being. It has the power to draw you into your inner sanctuary of belonging and integrity, and support you in recognizing the sacred in all areas of your life.

“Mystical Intimacy is a gift I will use for the rest of my life. The wisdom of the channeled guidance interspersed with Linda’s healing stories adds a deeper dimension that few authors can boast.  She takes us on a journey into the world of spirituality, learning about both our past lives and our now. Every important aspect of life is explained in great depth, from our existence to pain, grief, healing, acceptance, forgiveness, love and joy; the list is endless.”
– Frances McGuckin, speaker and author of Business for Beginners

This book isn’t just for the spiritual seeker – it is for anyone who is looking to improve their life.

In this book you will …

  • Uncover the rich information that your body is constantly revealing to you through sensations, symptoms, and feelings.
  • Discover how every moment in your life is an opportunity to connect with your purpose.
  • Heal from depression and painful childhood trauma, and restore your sense of worthiness.
  • Move beyond familiar perceptions of reality into a greater sense of possibilities.

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“Mystical Intimacy has had such an impact on me. It’s a textbook on spiritual teachings I wish I had read earlier in life. I’ve received so many insights and understandings reminding me that I am worthy of love and that I am a loving being.”
Kayla Hawn, designer

“I started putting the principles into practice right away. This book has come to me at a pivotal time of changing the question ‘who am I?’ to ‘who do I want to be?’  If you’re lucky and the Universe has led you here, please don’t pass by the opportunity to read this book that can change how you view all of life.”
– Julie Annan, office manager

“You could open almost any page and come away enlightened.
Almost every other sentence is rich with a wise understanding. Linda is an artist and healer and her affinity for this work and her love are apparent throughout.”
– Caitlin Hicks, performer, and author of A Theory of Expanded Love

“The beauty that emanates from the book is extraordinarily human and encouraging
. Through the transparency of Linda’s process, I was drawn into loving all my life-experiences as they actually are. This book points to honouring and elevating Everything.”
– Blaise Sutton Kennedy, lifestyle coach and foster parent

Linda’s vulnerability and honesty opened my heart and mind, and gave me a new perception of my own personal journey. There are so many pearls of wisdom that I want to read again and again and again!”
– Brian Johnson, accountant

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