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My gift

Spiritual Mentor, Channeler & Coach, registered Counselor, Hypnotherapist, author and artist

I’m a highly-attuned intuitive and spiritual advocate for embodied divinity, committed to living in harmony with soul-purpose and personal integrity.

For all of my life, I’ve been drawn to the spiritual path with the desire to shed light where there is darkness, courage where there is fear, sustenance where there is need.

I love people, nature, the arts, spiritual psychology and what it really means to be human – the incarnation of a celestial being in a corporal body. My aim is to honour the partnership between spirit and human nature to cultivate magic and meaning, and ultimately support the journey of living whole-heartedly.

For over twenty years I have held a healing practice, helping people deepen their relationship with their body, mind and soul. I never forget what an honour it is to be trusted with my clients’ emotions, innocence, and pain.

My diverse counselling skills and channelling gift allow me to support clients in a wholistic way that supports their unique individual needs. I’m a Healer and Channeller and registered as a Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC) and Master Therapeutic Counsellor (MTC). I combine Trust-oriented Therapies, Hypnotherapy, Past-life Regression and Non-Violent Communication techniques (NVC) with Channeling and Vibrational Medicine.

I believe we can transform setbacks into opportunities by welcoming all our life-experiences, dark thoughts, shame and fear into the arms of forgiveness and faith.


I know from experience what it is like to transform
personal trauma into self-empowerment.

I’ve known the pain of abuse and abandonment.

I’ve been lost and have felt deeply alone,
and I’ve struggled with self-doubt.

As a highly sensitive empath, I’ve crumbled
under the pressure of intense feelings.
And I’ve learned how to manage my sensitivity –
how to interpret its guidance and meaning.

As an artist, I discovered channeling –
the art of surrendering.

As a healer, I learned deep compassion.

In essence, I have followed my heart into love,
and opened myself to the hard work of believing.

Over the years, my understanding of the intricate relationship between soul and human consciousness has led me to view healing and therapy through a spiritual lens. From this perspective, all life-experiences are seen as opportunities for growth and awakening. In this way, the healing journey becomes a spiritual practice – a meditative approach to observing life through none judgment. It is this practice that I share with you, to help you welcome all parts of you and trust your unfolding journey.

 The greatest freedom comes from shining light on issues in a safe and welcoming environment so you can re-frame your personal narrative, and become the creator of a new life story. When you expand your perception of reality, you see and sense with greater clarity, learn to listen to your inner self and connect with what you need to heal and grow.

Meet Masiandia

Masiandia is the “mutli-dimensional” intelligence that I channel, a group spirit that is here to help us remember who we are. As a bridge to enlightenment, they support us in moving beyond our limitations and teach us how to cultivate an intimate relationship with our soul-essence.

Their intention is to bring harmony where there is discordance, clarity where there is confusion, expansion where there is contraction, love where there is need.

To find out more about who they are, please read…

Channeling is a healing tool, a gift from spirit to help us evolve our consciousness. In my experience, it is as natural as breathing. Like inhaling and exhaling oxygen, channeled guidance moves in and through me with my willingness to surrender. In its essence, channeling is as familiar to me as bringing a visitor a cup of tea and an encouraging word, and as formidable in the way it demands that I expand and trust.

What to expect in relationship with Masiandia and me

By receiving direct channeled guidance, you can go to the heart of your core-beliefs more quickly, break free from old coping mechanisms, and enhance your personal life and work.

In both private sessions and workshops, Masiandia and I work in tandem. I become the vessel in which Masiandia communicates with you, and I serve to bridge the gap between your personal processes and your own spiritual awareness. They in turn raise your spiritual vibration so that you can more fully live the life you’re meant to live.

Because I am a conscious channelor, I hear what Spirit is communicating. That is what makes my comprehensive approach possible; I’m able to combine diverse healing and counseling methods with the channeled guidance to support transformational healing for your whole body, mind and soul.

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