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Joshua Earle

The Group of Seven

I have been channeling Masiandia for two decades. They are a group of seven spirits working in unity who have chosen to assist the evolution of the new Earth.

Over the years, many people have asked me, “Who is Masiandia? Where do they come from?” I posed these questions when I first had contact, an experience I share in my book Mystical Intimacy.

Masiandia is a collective of star beings here to help us remember who we are. Their purpose is to strengthen our self-belief, challenge our self-deceptions, and teach us how to trust our soul evolutionary.

Channeled Message

Masiandia, “We are sentient light beings from a galaxy seven times removed from your own. We are light years from your Earth yet involved in its evolution and the evolution of many parallel Earths and other planetary systems.

“Our planetary system has no physical form familiar to you, though it is real and viably whole. The galaxy we are from has no physical matter either; it is multi-dimensions of reality much like your thoughts, feelings and felt-senses interwoven into a tapestry of all-time, simultaneously evolving from past and present perspectives undivided and whole.

“Imagine gazing through a kaleidoscope and seeing myriad moving interlocking shapes and colours representing communication, energy, telepathic wisdom and wondrous beauty. That is where we originate.

“Indeed, we did choose to be part of Earth’s evolution, and we continue to be of assistance for we are part of that evolution. We are interconnected. The Universe is exceptionally collaborative and benevolent. As you are, we are part of universal greater existence, which many of you know as God.

“For simplicity, you can refer to us as disincarnate beings who exist in all time and space and whose purpose is to meet your need for love and recognition.

“Our intention in supporting the Earth is to help heal the broken grid patterns of ancestral trauma that affect you all. The Earth is a complex network of multidimensional realities, and many of these dimensions are polluted with trauma. We are here to support humanity and all Earth creatures, including the Earth itself, to enter into harmony.

“We take great joy in supporting you through your experiences. In turn, we experience – we ‘feel’ through your earthly dimension. By doing this, we become more effective in assisting Earth’s evolution, which contributes to a healthier universe and multiple universes.

“We endeavour to help you open your own channel to your higher consciousness – to Source – to love, for the greater purpose of sustaining peace on Earth and peace on parallel earth dimensions and all universes. We are here to support you to be all you can be.”

Channelling group of seven
The Group of Seven

As I mentioned, Masiandia is a group soul, a complex multidimensional being consisting of seven spirits, each with its own unique characteristic and purpose. And each working together with me to facilitate deep healing and insight.

These members of the collective are Genevieve, The Source, Damian, Yopen, Jessié, Peter, Celessa.

Genevieve is playful and deliciously outrageous. She is flamboyant and loves shocking us awake as she goes to the very heart of our personal processes. With grace, Genevieve turns us on an axis and sets us straight. I take great pleasure when she’s centre stage and performing her magic.

The Source is a transcended being, a vortex of energy that is all space and no space. He/she encompasses full being-ness – being part of the whole – everything co-existing, interacting, interrelating simultaneously, thus imparting the gift of deep reassurance. They assist us in resting the mind, softening our thoughts, and connecting with our soul essence.

Damian is the overseer – a transcended being whose message pierces through our defences. He’s straightforward and profoundly loving. I view him as the elder who challenges our thinking while upholding our capacity to shift and evolve.

Yopen is an engineer of spiritual law. He assists us in better understanding our beliefs and how we create our entire existence.

Jessié is full of energy and easy to be with. He is the one that helps people feel at ease. He has lived many lifetimes on the earth plane. Thus he is familiar with physical reality. He has a profound understanding of the human collective and our trauma experiences from his incarnations and brings a soothing quality of wisdom, compassion, and empathy.

Peter is the comedian in the group. He’s the one with a Celtic accent who cracks jokes and helps people relax, thus opening the door to the greater possibilities of understanding complex ideas and emotions in this lifetime and our connection to parallel lifetimes.

Celessa is effervescent, like water and air intertwined as one. She is an energy-being of pure healing light that enters our central nervous systems to stabilize our whole body awareness. She interacts with the fluids of our bodies – interpenetrating the cerebral spinal fluid, cranium rhythm, blood, digestive acids, tissue, brain and organs. Why? To help people feel the presence of their divinity, the purity of their soul.

Channelling group of seven
The meaning of the name Masiandia

When the spirits first gave me their name, they told me that it meant movement – fluid, flowing energy and that their purpose in working with us is to help us remember who we are.

Their name represents how they work with us, with energy signals throughout the cells of our body. Therefore, they do not only communicate with words but also send energy frequencies to our DNA, which means that they bypass our intellect to activate a deeper understanding and healing.

The numerology meaning of the name Masiandia

For fun, I did a google search on the meaning of the name Masiandia, the name of the group soul I channel. The spelling of the name was originally Masian Dia. I wove the two names together for simplicity when I wrote my book.

Masian is pronounced M(æ)sian, and Dia is the same as (day) in Spanish.

As mentioned, the significance of the name Masaindia is “movement,” which is precisely what I found on NameKun, a website dedicated to the meaning of names.

Masian: Meaning of the name

“Contact or movement. Need for exciting and enriching encounters.Gifted with a good sense of communication, persons with this name are made to work in a team. Cheerful, bright you’re a person of action and communication. That is why you need to exchange, discover and learn together with others. Curious by nature – there is an insatiable thirst for knowledge that often makes you push the limits and go to unknown horizons.”
– NameKun

I take great delight in this description of the name Masian, as it fits with my experience of them. I imagine that some of you who have a close relationship with Masiandia will also see the significance of the description and how well it depicts their essence and personality.

Dia: Meaning of the name

“Curious and exploratory on a soul level, new challenges feel exciting. Knowing that the world can be hard sometimes you try to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Creative and intuitive, you are a true character who will be remembered and noticed by others!” – NameKun

Masiandia is always asking us to savour the moment, not to miss out on life’s small pleasures.

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