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Your Weekly Oracle Message

Imagine receiving a weekly channeled message with inspiration and energy-medicine designed to nurture your inner self.

Each week, you can connect with the entrance that beckons you intuitively, step through and receive your message.

Every experience in life is a doorway through which to connect with your Soul. I invite you to join me on this weekly adventure.

Choose a new door each week and receive the guidance your soul wants you to know!

Only $39.95 Annually

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Channeled Guidance

When I channel for people, I tell them that it’s like being in a hallway of doors and not knowing where these entrances will lead.

On the other side of all these doors is a stream of consciousness – spiritual guidance – that exists in all time. Not in the past, present or future, but multidimensional. There is no way for me to know which door to choose. You know which entrance to go through.

When it comes to channeling, there is a collaborative process that takes place. I hold space for the guidance to emerge, and we together find our way to and through the “right” door with wonderment, exploration, acceptance and transparency.

“Thank you for your beautiful Oracle Messages. I soooo look forward to these magical doors every week and I’m always blown away by how accurate the messages are. Every week, the message is completely 100% in alignment with what I’m feeling and going through.”
– Iris

Enjoy sensory-rich illustrated images of nature, creative montages, and diverse mythologies from Pan, Egyptian Goddess Hathor, feathered serpent, dragons, fairy and animal spirits. 

Be moved, illuminated, enthralled, and soothed by messages centered on awakened consciousness.

Masiandia, “Sometimes, the choices in your life seem limited and controlled by your outer circumstances. Sometimes, it appears that you have no choice.

“We understand, and we empathize with your dilemma. You reside in a constructed reality defined by the collective unconscious, little evolved in the art of freedom. And yet, we must urge you to choose wisely from the heart. Let your capacity for love show you the way. Let forgiveness and faith guide you in all ways.”

Excerpt from Channeled Messages

1. Conscious Choice

Masiandia, “Imagine seeing the world from a higher vantage point, from the eye of the eagle, what would you see? Would you judge what you see, discriminate against it and brace yourself for inevitable loss? Or would you see life’s many possibilities, a world full of wonder? It’s a matter of choosing, and we are here to say you can make that choice.”

2. You are Already Free, Resourceful and Whole

Masiandia, “Monkeys abide by one principle: resourcefulness. Everything they do and take part in is intrinsic to this single focus.  You have been drawn to this entrance to let nothing come between you and what you want. Steadfast preparedness, precise aim, unfettered enthusiasm and absolute conviction are the virtues to embody in your life. Don’t hesitate. Now is the time for you to embolden yourself with self-belief and take charge of your life, knowing with utmost resoluteness that you can.”

3. The Path of Grace

Masiandia, “You have been drawn to this entrance to remember that your incarnation is a blessing. Regardless of your life challenges, take heart and see these, too, as blessings. You are being called to the path of grace, compassion. Welcome all your experience, the highs and the lows, and all emotions, yours and others with tenderness, acceptance, forgiveness and faith.

“I love the oracle door messages. They’re always so on-point, exactly what I need to hear.”
– Karen

“I love how the messages of the doors I chose weekly meet my life’s lessons. They provide me with needed reminders, which helps me be present and curious about my auto-responders and how I can grow, be more conscious, and be true to myself.”
– Vern

“I was feeling low today. Your message was a welcome and soothing balm. Thank you for the clarity and sweet blessing.”
– Mary

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