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The Art of Letting Go of Negative Beliefs: How to Embrace Yourself and Others

We let go of negative beliefs and embrace ourselves and others by remembering that we are intrinsically sacred.

Our true nature is not flawed. We are not bad, unworthy, or at fault. Beyond the seemingly imperfect characteristics of oneself and others, we are expressions of the Divine.

True healing occurs when this intrinsic truth is revealed – when we remember that we are whole, resourceful, and ultimately sacred.

I found a lovely passage about healing in Reflections of an Elder Brother, channelled by Bartholomew. In your true nature, nothing is wrong, and a real healer knows this on a very deep level.” … “The real healer knows that since God is everything and God is absolutely perfect, then perfection is all there is, and the rest, which seems to be imperfect, is illusory.”

As a healer, I know we cannot overcome limitations alone. We need the Creator’s energy to strengthen our self-belief and support us in moving beyond the fears the mind generates. By placing ourselves in a position to befriend the limitations and, therefore, receive the guidance inherent in all lived experience, we become open to Source energy, which fuels our self-belief and strengthens our faith and belonging. This way, we can experience the deeper parts of who we are.

We heal, transform, and learn through embodied experience, which nourishes real connections.

We heal and grow together, in concert, not separately and alone. We learn best in a supportive, experiential environment encouraging deep-felt experience and sharing.

Books, lectures, and courses are not enough. The body still has to digest the information physically and synergistically in connection with others’ nervous systems. By strengthening our nervous system in concert with others, we share new information, cultivating a compassionate, mutually healing field of awareness.

By connecting with the body’s felt-sense awareness, we integrate our lived experience. We free trapped feelings and trauma responses and are open to our true energy—our soul essence.

Bartholomew also explains that all our struggles toward consciousness occur in the physical body. Because we have been conditioned to dismiss our body sensations and awareness, we miss out on the delight of feeling all the different parts of our Wholeness moving through us. Bartholomew writes, “Because you do not feel what is inside you, you have cut yourself off from feeling the presence of God. God is an energy field of alive, conscious awareness, pulsating and singing with Lifeforce – and your body is part of the wholeness.

We cease wrestling with negative beliefs about ourselves and others when we listen to the body, our own and the energy pulsating from others.

Every thought and feeling sends an energy signal throughout the whole body and aura, influencing how others interact with you. Imagine how being in touch with the body frees you to be a more honest expression of your Soul, shining the light of God’s love into all areas of your life and impacting you and others.

We must be willing to turn toward the body to heal and connect to receive inner guidance.

We must be receptive to the body’s sensations, thoughts, and emotions to heal, learn, and grow. We must be willing to surrender our inherited conditioned beliefs and attitudes toward life to access our intrinsic awakened consciousness—our soul essence.

Spiritual awakening is not a goal; it is who we truly are.

If you want to experience pure, limitless conscious awareness, your Soul Essence will show you how. Your wholeness is aware of so much more. It knows your deepest longing, purpose, and truth and will guide you beyond the linear limitations of the mind.

Spiritual awakening is surrendered consciousness available for guidance in every moment, which necessitates moving closer to what we tend to avoid. It’s about facing the shadow aspects, our split-off parts within ourselves and others, to make peace with our internal and external realities. It’s about falling in love with our shared human experience so that we can be open to Spirit.

Spirit isn’t found outside our humanity; it’s at the heart of it, within our relationship with self and others. It’s in community, in connection, in the moments that lift us out of the past and into the heightened consciousness where love can freely pour in and out of us.

How do you nurture your spiritual wholeness?

Where do you receive the support and guidance needed for awakened consciousness? What self-inquiry and observation practices do you foster in your spiritual life? How do you return to yourself in relationships? How do you remember that you are sacred?

These questions inspired me to create the Soul Circle, an online healing community. I created the Circle to reflect the perfection within all of us, and its members join me each month to tap into the incredible synergistic web of energy that activates growth and transformation for both the individual and the collective.

Are you called to healing and fostering sacred presence?

Do you want to transform core beliefs into conscious awareness and foster wholeness?

Masiandia invites you to join the Circle to receive their blessings and raise the collective humanity’s vibration. They want to help us restore peace, which is a process of becoming at peace with life as it is, ceasing to fight against differences and polarities and becoming at ease with discomfort.

Imagine letting go of limiting thoughts and beliefs about yourself and others and healing the wounds that bind you to the past. Imagine freeing your heart’s capacity to overflow with love and belonging and sharing that with life.

Awareness and love are identical. Love is what awareness feels like!
– Bartholomew

Channeled Guidance
In the words of Masiandia

“Our dearest, life is full of adversity, and your world is in disharmony. The Earth is absorbing the weight of this dissonance while we witness the brutality of feudal conflict. Not only is there worldwide strife, but people are at war inside their own hearts, one side of their personality rejecting the other and struggling with the mirror reflection that shows up in their lives. Divisiveness comes from rigid attachment to familiar perceptions of reality, repeating ancestral trauma responses, which keeps the collective humanity in a state of chaos. Chaos is not designed to perpetuate more chaos; it is meant to free the past into new expressions that support divinity.

“Like the forest, you are part of an echo system that needs your presence, courage and faith in the new world. The question we pose is, ‘Do you want to be a change agent in these fragile times and be a pioneer of the new world? Or do you want to resist change, maintaining a habitual addiction to the familiar, which only serves to create havoc in the world? Also, can you accept that the new world is collaborative, not a hierarchal system where you compete, compare, or guard against others? Can you welcome a guiding hand to take you over the threshold into the unknown’s immense possibilities?

“We are here to help humanity and Gaia to rebalance harmony. Join us, dear soul, to nurture spiritual integrity, love and compassion so that together, we can help restore faith in the world and strengthen universal courage. Let’s contribute to peace in the world by cultivating peace individually and collectively.”

Join the Soul Circle to be part of the new gestalt, forming a new world.

All images by Milo Weiler

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