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Spiritual Guidance And Mentoring

Why Spiritual Guidance Is More Important Than Ever

Spiritual guidance is needed more than ever because it opens the door to more profound meaning, connection, and collaboration at a time when we don’t know what’s real anymore.

We are in an age of chaos, where our social structures are coming undone. Old mindsets of how we perceive reality as a collective humanity are being challenged. Social inequality, such as racism and gender bias, is being scrutinized, and change is happening rapidly. The alterations of gender identity are making us question who we are, and the familiar roles of what it means to be a man and a woman are no longer relevant. Life as we know it is being reinvented, and no one has a conclusive sense of what the future holds. 

Humanity does not recognize itself and is thus struggling. Some hold to the old hierarchy and dominance model, creating strife and chaos. And with chaos comes the breakdown of what we perceive as meaningful. When our sense of meaning is shaken and when we can no longer define human value based on the colour of our skin, our gender, class, privilege, and achievement, where does that leave us?

Without spiritual guidance, the future looks bleak and uninviting. Without creating the space for the sacred in our lives, we live amid conflict and an unstable climate, leaving many people disillusioned and uncertain of what to live for.

How can spiritual guidance make a difference?

Spiritual guidance is essential in our age of chaos because chaos is a state of spiritual emergence. 

In ancient Greek cosmology, chaos was considered the mythological void preceding the creation of the universe. Chaos is the beginning of all things when the preceding form no longer exists, and the new form has yet to be defined. Chaos is the process of creation beyond our familiar perception of reality. 

We cannot be in charge of this creation. What is needed is our surrender. Without it, we project what we already know into the realm of possibility, limiting its creative potential.

Like the caterpillar that dissolves into liquid inside the chrysalis to finally emerge as a butterfly, our earth consciousness is undergoing a metamorphosis. All that we know is dissolving. We must let go and allow spiritual emergence to unfold, revealing our part in the intrinsic wholeness.

spiritual guidance
What is spiritual emergence?

The term “spiritual emergence” was coined by Dr. Stanislav Grof and Christina Grof, two leaders in transpersonal theory. It refers to the breakdown of meaning that leads to transformative growth and healing. In The Stormy Search for the Self, the Grofs describe spiritual emergence as “a more expanded way of being that involves enhanced emotional and psychosomatic health, greater freedom of personal choices, and a sense of deeper connection with other people, nature, and the cosmos.” 

In a TedTalk about Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening, filmmaker Phil Borge describes spiritual emergence as embracing our natural connection to the transcendent domain, forever changing our limiting self-concepts into a more integrative, awakened self.

I can see how spiritual emergence is evident in our changing world. As the structures of our world break down, a natural awakening emerges characterized by transpersonal levels of increased awareness, refined sensitivity and connection to the Divine. More and more people are attuning to awakened consciousness, seeking spiritual guidance for support and sharing their growth to lift the veil of stagnancy plaguing our collective humanity. Hence, spiritual guidance is essential – it supports the soul’s emergence of the self and the collective.

What is spiritual guidance?

Spiritual guidance is care for the soul. It is expert mentoring and support for honouring the sacred in all life. It is a form of spiritual collaboration, letting a guiding hand support your sense of self while you reshape your story. One cannot rewrite one’s narrative without the support of a spiritual guide. Without guidance, one relives the familiar story of conditioned reality and gets trapped in coping mechanisms. 

As a spiritual counsellor, I understand that traditional counselling assists people in making peace with the past and navigating present-day situations. Spiritual mentoring addresses the underlying beliefs and condition patterns and offers tools to create change in one’s life. Spiritual guidance holds sacred space for the emergence of one’s soul. 

What is a spiritual guide?

A spiritual guide offers you a way back to your centre of being. This guide may be a family member, friend, counsellor, mentor, healer, coach, or stranger. 

They may guide with empathic and compassionate listening, a simple word of caution, or clear direction. Guidance may appear as a cheerleader who believes in you no matter what or as a challenging situation requiring you to advocate for something important, such as your self-value. 

However the guidance appears, it has been sent to you from beyond the veil to answer your prayers. The Sacred is afoot; the Divine Mother, Jesus, Buddha, Gaia, and Earth Spirits all enlighten the seeker and stir one’s inner resonance. The unseen source of divinity—star beings, guardian spirits, and angels—captivates our sense of purpose and meaning, showing us the way back to our hearts at every turn.

A spiritual guide can be a person or an ascended master. What matters is less where the guidance comes from than how it resonates.

As a channeler, I communicate with star beings, Mother Earth, trees, and deceased relatives. I also communicate with my past and future self. I can do this because certain people have guided me to be true to myself, ignited my intuition and helped open my channel. I’ve learned to trust the abundance of guidance that is ever present. Do I always follow it? No!

I don’t think following guidance blindly serves our soul’s emergence. We are powerful and attuned to Spirit when we are open to receiving and discernment, igniting our sense of resonance. Guidance isn’t supposed to take over and tell us what to do; it is meant to inspire, enlighten, intrigue, awaken, and help us remember that we are sacred, whole, and resourceful.

How can you open your channel to receiving guidance from Spirit?

Your soul communicates with you through your senses – your somatic experience, energy, emotions, and sensations, which provide immediate spiritual guidance. It’s a matter of listening in, following your breath, disallowing the mind to take charge, and allowing the body to know what it knows.

You don’t have to control your mind; it can be as busy as it needs to be because, beyond its reach, something rich and pervasive is taking place in the energy body. You don’t have to work hard to access it; it’s already there. You don’t have to be good, pure, and clear enough to connect with your soul. You don’t have to repent to receive its presence, its guidance. 

spiritual counseling
Why work with a spiritual mentor/guide?

Spiritual mentoring, guidance, and support can help you better understand and integrate your experience. You can discover how to navigate life with this heightened awareness, fine-tune the increased sensitivity, tap into creativity and cultivate a profound sense of unity with life. 

I don’t recommend doing this alone. Spiritual Emergence is a collaborative state of nurturing oneness with the universe. It’s internal and external, requiring self-reflection and interconnection to integrate the spiritual with daily life.

When seeking spiritual emergence, it is wise to note how intense it can be. Some people experience spiritual emergence as feeling alone and not belonging to anything, accompanied by a profound loss of identity and direction. Some may experience overpowering dreams, memories, thoughts and feelings, and some may have altered experiences, such as heightened vision (clairvoyance), healing voices (clairaudience), and sensing other people’s thoughts and emotions (clairsentience). 

While many people seek these altered experiences, they can be overwhelming. One’s nervous system may not be ready to experience the overload of energy stimuli, and one’s conditioned perception of reality may conflict with one’s newfound heightened experience.

A guiding hand is indispensable. It’s my honour to offer you my support with Spiritual Counselling, a combination of spiritual guidance, mentoring, and transpersonal psychology. This approach weaves together the many facets of the human experience into the great expression of wholeness. Every facet holds immeasurable guidance, inviting the spiritual nature of all lived experiences to reveal their true meaning and purpose.

Receive guidance, mentoring and support in 1:1 sessions,
and in the Soul Circle for a deep dive into living life consciously
and to be part of a spiritual healing community.


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