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Channeled Messages, Interviews and Messages From Past Events.

Channelled messages have the power to show us the way back home to our essential essence and value.

It is my pleasure to share Masiandia’s teachings with you. Through these videos and interviews, I have the honour of delving deeper into the spiritual guidance that has transformed so many people’s lives, including my own.

I like to think that we’re not only spirits having a human experience but also humans experiencing spiritual emergence. Both are intrinsic elements in the multidimensional tapestry of life. Our human beingness is not the weak link in our spiritual devotion, but rather the powerful element that serves our whole experience and gives our soul expression.

Channelled Message video interviews and podcast

“Your messages are beautiful, spontaneous and rich. Thank you for the immense sharing of your gifts
and availability to the world. It is inspiring.”

– Heidi

Channeled messages


The Mystic Heart Circle

Presentation and Healing-processes at
St. Mary Magdalene Center, Vancouver BC

Presentation and Healing-processes
at Rasayana Studio
, Fort Langley BC

Spiritual Integrity Series

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