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BodySOUL Integration

Would you like to discover the rich knowledge and guidance within all your thoughts,
emotions, sensations, and life-experiences, and know yourself as a divine being?

Imagine how liberating it would be to transform pain into knowledge, fear into courage,
and anxiety into self-confidence and trust.

As you uncover the rich guidance within yourself, your health and wellbeing improves, intimate connections deepen, your soul-purpose becomes clear, and conscious awareness emerges in all areas of your life. You also expand your compassion, access inner-clarity, and strengthen your ability to care for your fundamental needs.

Transform setbacks, struggles, past trauma, relationship concerns
into fuel for self-awareness and personal growth.

Whether you are looking to address current or past-related concerns, BodySOUL Integration will help you gain a better understanding of a wide range of inquiries from work and career related to relationship and health issues, deep-seated fears, mental blocks, and resolving difficult choices in your life, all in an atmosphere of psychological and spiritual integration.

BodySOUL Integration bridges the gap between your personal psychology and spirituality. It is a dynamic co-creative and unfolding approach that welcomes all of you – your anxiety, depression, hope, stuckness, anger, longing, joy, desperation, sorrow, curiosity and divinity.

  • See and sense with your inner awareness.
  • Gain clarity, spiritual insight and understanding.
  • Dissolve stagnant energy-blocks.
  • Make peace with your past and free your authentic expression.
  • Get in touch with your fundamental needs.
  • Unlock your natural gifts and strengthen your personal power.
  • Become aligned with your soul-purpose.
  • And make life-affirming choices based on your true sense of value.

The support you need to heal and grow

Often, people seek therapeutic or spiritual support and healing during a crisis or when they are in extreme stress and emotional pain, but support can also be accessed for the purpose of personal growth and emotional and physical well-being. You may be reluctant to give yourself the opportunity for deep transformational healing, perhaps believing that you should be able to find the answers on your own, or maybe you fear the change that will follow.

In my experience, a guiding hand is indispensable and it is my honour to offer you that hand. I’m here to help you cultivate a meaningful relationship between your spirit  and human nature, and ultimately access your own inner guidance.

Incredible Results
“Since we started working together, I have seen incredibly concrete results and improvements both personally, professionally, and generally in my life that I know this is real. I wish more people could benefit from Linda’s guidance. It’s truly a blessing to be able to work with Linda. ~ S.S

I have gained so many epiphanies
“When I first received Linda’s Integrative Healing, it helped me through a very dark time in my life. With the channeled messages and Linda’s counselling, I discovered the link between my core beliefs, my inner child, the energy of emotions, and the illusions of fear. Over the years, I have gained so many epiphanies, I learned to observe my life through less and less judgment, and let go of painful memories and limiting beliefs. With Linda’s amazing, compassionate ability to stay centered and supportive through my resistance and personal struggles, I opened my heart and surrendered my fear.” ~ Rocky

We are grateful for everything that Linda has done for us. 
The incredibly profound insights that Linda and Masi have given us have simply been life changing, not only as a couple, but for us individually as well. Linda
’s intuitive guidance and “hunches” are amazingly accurate and timely. And when combined with Masi’s expansive perspective, we have both experienced a profound healing on so many levels. Truly awesome! We feel blessed to experience both Linda and Masi’s love, support and guidance. It is like we have the best “board of directors” in the business of life! ~ John and Josephine

Unconditional love and acceptance
My body relaxes in sessions knowing that Lindas steady guidance is something I can depend on like a solid rock in a tumultuous sea.  My implicit trust in her has allowed me the freedom to dive in deeply into relationship counselling and have genuine, emotionally honest encounters with myself and my husband. Linda is intuitive and wise in seeing the underlying dynamics that block the intimate connection in our relationship, and skillful in bringing the blockages to the surface so that we are no longer blind.  She is seamless in teaching a new way of connection that allows us to absorb, assimilate and transform at the core level.
~ Helen

Are you ready to open yourself to the guidance of Masiandia and your Spirit,
and experience profound transformation?

What’s the investment?

BodySOUL Integration, Inner-Journey Session
90 mins session: $225 CDN +GST

The Inner-Journey session is designed to address personal or work-related issue, discover your core potential and experience spiritual wholeness.

After your initial session, you have the opportunity to apply your investment to a 3-session package.

3-session Package
3x 90 mins sessions: $585 CDN +GST

The 3-session package is a great way to go deeper and develop an intimate relationship with your Soul-essence, support your healing process and care for your well-being.

All sessions are available internationally by phone or Video-call, or in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast, BC. Sessions are recorded on MP3 and emailed to you following your appointment.

Please feel free to contact me for a free 20-mins consultation by email or call 604-738-5003

About Linda

My name is Linda L Nardelli. I am a Registered Therapeutic and Master Counsellor and Hypnotherapist, Channeller and Intuitive Healer. I offer an integrative approach that combines channelled guidance with body-centred healing to give you the opportunity to bridge spiritual guidance with your own life-experiences, and to help you heal at your own natural pace.


I offer private sessions in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver BC, and internationally over video-call or phone.

Tel: 1 +604 738 5003

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