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Divine timing

I’m particularly mindful of Divine Timing – the grace of God

During the past year since completing the manuscript for my upcoming book “Mystical Intimacy”, I’ve been in a state of big change with my main focus on setting up home and strengthening my foundation. House renovations and the act of creating roots in a home has taken a lot of time and energy, the energy that I’m now ready to transfer to the birthing of my book.

Spirit of the Cedar Tree

Even though I am aware that everything has its place in time, it’s perfect synergy, I tend to think that time is not on my side or that I am being inefficient. But my latest art-project reminded me to trust in the natural evolution of time.

While I was in the studio creating a wire-mesh and concrete sculpture for the Sechelt Arts Festival, rather than enjoying creating the sculpture I was upset with how much time it was taking.

I was feeling frustrated with not putting that time towards getting the book published.

The sculpture is of a rendition of the spirit of the cedar tree, which required that I connect in with the spirit of the cedar, and its message was simple, “Everything takes the time it takes, ring upon ring like the growing seasons of the tree.”

The spirit of the cedar was heavy, slow, methodical, patient and gentle. I was guided to slow down and be a witness to my evolving journey, guidance that I offer my clients when I remind them to breathe and connect inwards.

Excerpts from my book:
Mystical Intimacy

Message about renewal

It is by flowing voluntarily with the currents of our lives that we cultivate harmony, for we allow the cycles of death and rebirth to be a force of renewal that supports our spiritual emergence.

We let go of old patterns to be reborn into new purpose, actively surrendering our limited beliefs into awakened possibilities, like the breath that is released so that we can be revitalized.

Our active surrender then immerses us in the transformative gift of renewal—a fluid shift in consciousness that ushers in the new.

The Unfolding Unknown

The “new” for me is the unknown—how do I get this book published is unknown. I’ve almost completed the research into publishing, as well as the book statement—it’s purpose and benefit.

It’s not as straightforward as it may seem; it requires looking at my manuscript from the marketing perspective. It’s a whole new learning curve, as was writing the book.

Now I get to take a leap of faith and commitment, and hopefully with your help.

I’d love for you to send me prayerful energy for the birthing of the book into manifestation. Perhaps you could imagine it in your hands, reading it, receiving its message and its gift to you.

A Spiritual Guide

The book, “Mystical Intimacy”, is a spiritual guide to restoring the relationship between spirit and human consciousness, merging divinity with matter to honour one’s soul-purpose and create and maintain balance, integrity and ultimately inner peace.

Channelled guidance and my own intimate exploration of the messages and of the human endeavour to connect and heal, make this book a powerful tool for self-realization.

The channelled messages serve to deepen our connection to our essential worthiness and inner-resources, and the stories I share bring a personal element that sheds light on life-processes that support integration and spiritual awakening.

Channelled Message

“Abundance is a gift of nature—it is quantum energy eminently woven into your karmic relationship with the earth. It flows towards the magnetic energy of your whole physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. In so doing, it draws to you the necessary circumstances and karmic connections that support your soul–purpose.

“You can align your magnetic-frequency to the abundance that Gaia holds for you by opening your receiving channels. In order to be given the abundance you want, all you must do is receive it.

“In other words, everything you truly desire and need is woven into your incarnation on earth. It’s all at your fingertips; it’s a matter of drawing it to you.”


My new book: Mystical Intimacy, is available in print and e-book on Amazon





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  1. I said it before and I say it again the sub title is
    “A spiritual invitation to truth and belonging.”
    It is the truth that Linda’s book is about.

    Just Love it.

  2. Dear Linda, I feel Inspired to respond to your beauty full words from Cedar as you create Her:….
    as I breathe the Breath within the Breath, the living “I AM” releases the Self from “human” time. Time and Space revolve around I AM in the Center, in eternal service to the One who Breathes the Breath of Life. Breathing in I have a Body,,, Breathing out….aaahhhhh… a smile is born. and “I” see, that all of Creation is rushing to ‘Me”, to celebrate the knowing! the soul paints pictures in the clouds, Wind sings her songs in the trees and oceans, to show me Who I AM,,,, and so that I will celebrate my own Self, my own Heart’s garden of Awakening.

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