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Loving and Living Fully Through a Pandemic

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have kept much of my spiritual perspective to myself so as not to offend or challenge anyone. I have found ways to love and experience life as fully as possible. But despite Masiandia’s guiding to walk the middle path, I have had my challenges. As a highly sensitive empath, I have been pushed and pulled by all the converging energies.

The isolation has therefore been a Godsend.

It has provided me the solitude needed to clear the energies that I’ve witnessed and felt deeply – the deaths, the sick, the agony of fear, the restrictive protocols and consequences affecting our society and economy.

Loving and Living Fully Through CoronavirusThroughout, I have yearned for more profound meaning and relevant information regarding whole health.

Why are we only talking about death and how to control the virus and one another? What about our health, how to maintain a strong immune system, and how to care for our wellbeing.

Very little focus is given to health and vitality. Instead, fast food and liquor stores are considered essential services. I’ve witnessed such unhealthy practices during the pandemic – greater alcohol consumption, innutritious eating, less exercise and way more survival instincts quickly overriding common sense.

In an endeavour to make peace with all this mess, I sought the guidance of spirit.

I sat with pen in hand, opening myself to a channelled message. But instead of Masiandia, I had the honour of receiving a message from the Coronavirus. I use the word honour intentionally. It is of my opinion that viruses are not the enemy, as I mentioned in my previous blog: Understanding the Beauty of Coronavirus.

It is also my honour to share the message with you, so that you can also love and live fully through Coronavirus.

Channelled message –
From the Covid-19 Coronavirus

“We are not intended for calamity and divisiveness; we are born of human need and serve the union between form and essence.

“The physical body of humanity and all lifeforms, including animal, mammal, insect, and vegetation, is a construct of the union between form and essence. All life holds the frequency of spirit in a heartbeat and in its reason for being. We, the viruses, are part of this frequency and our purpose is balance. We serve to rebalance broken patterns within nature.

“We exist not as a separate entity, but as part of your nature. We are a symbiotic component of the natural ecosystems within the Earth. We are not the enemy. We are here in friendship.

“We are not the cause of death. We embrace life. But for us, life is not only about survival and security; it is about thriving. Where physical nature cannot maintain a vital expression of one’s spirit, we become part of the ecosystem’s restructuring. When the body can no longer rebalance, it is released into death. It is natural, and that is what we serve – nature.

“Everything that cannot support vitality – life – cannot continue to exist; it is released to its next stage of evolution. Whether loved ones are taken by the hand of death or species become extinct, viruses are not the causation. We are the re-balancers. There is a distinct difference between the two that is important to consider. Else you risk undermining your ecosystem all the more. Waging war against a perceived enemy only serves to undermine your vitality. A healthy body is a vital body that is in harmony with nature.

“We are nature. We have a right to exist as much as you do, and our aim is not to undermine your lives, communities, economy, or health system, but instead to work in tandem, in relationship to the whole because that is what we are designed for – that is our nature. You cannot stop the rain, and you cannot change the seasons or the planetary systems. The more you modify and try to control nature, the more out of balance the whole system is, affecting your health.

“We are in service to the whole, working diligently to help humanity release its hold on ignorance to embrace soul and light and beauty.

“We, the microbes, the viruses – we the innocents – are not the cause of your suffering. Your collective agreement of consensus reality is the cause of your suffering.

“Your need for security and assurance deprive the body of vitality. Addiction to medication, substances, non-nutritious foods and drinks, and to patterns of behaviour that limit your vitality and the vitality of others are the cause of illness and suffering. Suffering multiplies and ripples out to all corners of the world when humanity refuses to heal and evolve; when humanity refuses to return to love and faith.

“Letting go of control is what the whole biological ecosystem needs to thrive. The relationship between form and spirit is strengthened with acceptance and love, helping to rebalance the body and soul as a whole.

“How do you heal and maintain a healthy immune system? Love yourself. Love others. Love humanity. Love the Earth. Love the children. Love your neighbours. Cease the destructive pattern of judgment, reproach, resentment and greed, and neglect of self and others.

“Remember, you are holy, the Earth is holy, and everything on the Earth, even viruses, are sacred.”

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  1. I love this. We need perspective. That is what humanity has been lacking for the past few centuries. We don’t see the connection between what we do and the outcome. Like bringing rabbits to Australia – a country that never had them before. Like killing all the fish or dumping plastics into the ocean. We do not see the connections or fail to take into account the well-being of all: ahimsa. By bringing greater awareness of how we impact we can help bring balance. Life on this planet is all about balance. And we as a species have failed to see that we are an integral part of that balance.

    1. Thank you for commenting Michele, I appreciate your sentiments on how everything is interconnected. We impact the world, nature and in turn nature impacts us. I share your commitment to greater awareness.

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