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Understanding the Beauty of Coronavirus

Surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic is a lot of opinion pieces, amplified media, fear-inducing protocol, an unravelling of the medical establishment and the economic downturn. In this article, I explore the beauty of the Coronavirus – the deeper spiritual meaning of the Coronavirus and how it’s here to help us return to balance.

The Pandemic affects us all in various ways and brings up a wide range of human experiences, beliefs and emotions.

As a counsellor, I’ve addressed many people’s differing experiences and witnessed a full range of beliefs and behaviours, from severe panic and harsh reactions to conspiracy theories. As a healer, it’s essential to become immersed in my clients’ processes to allow myself to engage with all spectrums of reality. I empathize with the fear of the spread of Covid, and I explore ideas about conspiracy theories with curiosity, intent on walking the middle path of grace and not satisfied with becoming identified with either.

Beliefs and emotions run through humans as they are told to fear Coronavirus

As a witness, I can see that people are either afraid of the virus spreading or afraid of the loss of personal power, and that lack of faith plays a large role on either side of the spectrum. And personally, I’ve been left yearning for something more meaningful. “Microbes aren’t the enemy, said my doctor in a recent visit. They serve to balance nature’s eco-systems. I yearn to connect with that balance, to maintain a relationship with my body that is whole and vital.

The Coronavirus is not the enemy; it has a purpose.

Masiandia says that the virus is in service to helping the human ecosystem adapt to electromagnetic radiation from satellites and the new G5 cell towers. They also note that the virus affects the immune system weakened by pollutants. Thus, the virus is a natural part of strengthening and rebalancing the immune system and related organ functions.

In the interview below, Doctor Zack Bush, a physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care, speaks about Covid-19 from an evolutionary perspective.


Bush is a thought-leader on the microbiome related to health, disease, and food systems, and the role of soil and water ecosystems in human genomics, immunity, and gut/brain health.

Zack answers a lot of my questions regarding Covid. His interpretation is scientifically research-backed and points to something that I haven’t heard enough of in our media and opinion pieces, which is the natural ecosystem of microbes and human biology.

Coronavirus He says that viruses have always existed; they’re not new, and that they’re not the cause of death. Viruses serve to rebalance ecosystems and participate in unmasking underlying factors, completely in line with what Masiandia has been saying.

The one-track medical model that we live by only gives us part of the picture, but there is so much more.

The current medical model does not address the role of our underlying health issues or our beliefs and perceptions, and nor does it approach health from the perspective of our earth-ecology, the living organisms that we need for optimum well-being. Instead, the current medical model wages war on viruses and diseases, compounding the imbalance.

Bush sheds light on the evolution of viruses, what Covid-19 is trying to tell us, and how we can emerge from the dark. He explores how we naturally produce genomic information, very similar to what quantum physicists refer to as the quantum field, and how our biology reflects our stress level and the quality of our air, food, and soil. He also explains how certain medications cause adverse effects and predict respiratory problems.

In the interview, Bush says, “The danger we are facing right now is not a virus. The danger is that we have sterilized ourselves from death.”

Spiritual BeautyFear is being heightened within each of us, and at what cost?

He reminds us that we are not only biological beings; we are spiritual light beings here on this planet for a transformative experience. But we have learned to fear our true essence and are missing the true beauty of life.

As a consequence, Bush declares, “we are letting one another die alone out of fear of some genetic material that floats through the air and always has since the beginning of time. We have the wrong story going on. It is not a conspiracy theory. It is not some government laboratory. It is the human emotion of fear. We are afraid of our death, which is our rebirth. We need to reorient ourselves to life.”

May we evolve past our fear of death and celebrate life.

“Love is not the fabric of everything,” says Bush. “The fabric of everything is beauty, and our reaction to seeing beauty is love.” … “Witness the beauty, and you will experience the love”

We need to see the beauty of the Coronavirus, in the microbiome and Earth’s natural ecosystems, and in the human breath and death, so that we can love and live fully.

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Feature image by Cornelia Kopp

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