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Spiritual Perspective On Vaccines

Exploring the New Vaccine from a Spiritual Perspective

Over the past number of months, several clients have asked me tough questions about vaccination, whether or not they should be vaccinated, and if the vaccines are safe. They’ve explored their own thoughts and feelings about what it means to them, how they want to navigate the pandemic, their autonomy, personal rights, and respect for our collective humanity.

I mention that these questions are tough because I’ve had my own process of deciding what I think and how I feel about being vaccinated. It took me a while to come into resonance with choosing to be vaccinated, as I am a naturalist and trust that viruses have a purpose, as I mentioned in a previous blog: Living and Loving Fully Through a Pandemic where I channelled a message from the coronavirus.

From a spiritual perspective, I understand that the more we try to control the virus, the more it will shift and adapt to new ways of interacting with our immune systems because it serves a larger purpose.

I also believe that diseases don’t just happen to us. Our bodies act as hosts for various microbes, and in a balanced state, these microbes coexist within our microbiome naturally. They are not the enemy. When microbes affect us adversely, it’s due to many different reasons, from health issues, limiting core beliefs, and also for our body to engage and explore a new pattern to serve evolution and growth.

I trust as a collective we have “chosen” this pandemic and our shared growth.

I also accept my responsibility to lessen the impact of the pandemic, despite my holistic belief that viruses need to run their natural course. I don’t expect most people to agree with me, as they may not have alternative healing and well-being methods that I rely on for support.

Another factor in my choice to be vaccinated is Machaelle Small Wright’s message about vaccination. Machaelle channels nature spirits, and she works directly with a flower essences system designed to rebalance microbes and has written several books that I just love.

Machaelle didn’t hesitate to be part of the global movement to curb the pandemic. In a Perelandra blog article, she wrote, “I feel that in a situation such as this, it is my responsibility as a citizen to do what’s best for the larger pandemic picture despite the Perelandra advantages I have at my fingertips.”

I feel confident that by being vaccinated, I am choosing a path of least resistance and trusting Masiandia’s guidance.

I also take comfort in knowing that my decision will assuage many very frightened people in my life and especially reassure some of the clients I see in person.

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I am personally not afraid of getting Covid. This is not me speaking out of false courage or believing that I am untouchable. I am equally not fearful of being vaccinated and choose to live in trust. 

I wonder about a question that sits at the heart of our current times, how do we continue living in a modern society without “trust”? 

I trust in our differences and truly believe in our equal right to decide for ourselves.

I believe that people should have the right to choose what’s best for them and honour themselves.

I love that we live in a diverse and multi-cultural world. I dream that we can welcome and accept one another with compassion even when we disagree. 

Some people I know strongly object to the vaccine, which I completely accept. As I continue my investigation of the new vaccine, it’s important to me to convey that this is a very complex situation that is continuing to evolve. I have no answers for anyone. I am simply sharing my particular way of moving through this great initiation.

My primary intent in writing this blog is to share Masiandia’s channelled message about the new mRNA technology.

I have faith in the Spirit’s enthusiasm regarding the new mRNA technology.

Masiandia’s message, as well as the guidance a friend of mine who works closely with nature spirits received, asserts that the new medical technology is ground-breaking. 

The guidance I’ve received regards mRNA technology as a messaging system that establishes strong communication signals within the energy body. Masiandia affirms that this new wave of medicine is co-created with Spirit, designed with 4th and 5th-dimensional realities, and intended to help humanity raise the vibration of their biology.

That means that while the mRNA does not technically elevate the human/soul vibration, Spirit is working with this modern medicine to establish a new communication system to help our biology learn how to integrate life-affirming messages. 

For many of us, our biology is locked into ancestral heritage, conditioned history, and social programming.

No matter how much we send positive messages to the cells of our body, the old programming tends to override new patterns for most people. Masiandia refers to mRNA technology as a method of teaching our biology how to embody a new concept of health, and therefore release the old programming. 

From a spiritual perspective, this is what the pandemic is also about. The pandemic is serving to help us reprogram set belief systems and encompass greater levels of information. This whole pandemic is an expansion period for all of humanity, elevating us to the next stage of our evolution.

Our soul embodiment is designed to evolve and develop new awareness born of life changes, not stagnate in old ancestral coping patterns. Being stretched beyond our sense of normalcy aids us in seeing and sensing more, adopt new ways of perceiving reality and hopefully welcome that in others.

Photo by Dlanor S

My investigation of the new vaccine is a curiosity in contemporary medicine and how that can change our current medical field.

From Masiandia’s perspective, our DNA processes the energy of the vaccine and integrates it into useful information. 

They suggest that the noncoding part of our DNA emerges as a partnering force to convey the message throughout the energy body and thus support whole body, mind and soul integration.

The non-encoding part of our DNA helps process the message sequence of the mRNA. In other words, this new technology helps our biology learn how to implement new messages to better interact with viruses, microbes and diseases in a life-affirming way.

It’s interesting to note that less than 2 percent of our DNA is made up of protein-coding genes. The remaining 98.5 percent, which scientists long thought useless, is noncoding and integral to the functions of the cells, particularly the control of gene activity. 

The non-coding DNA does not provide instructions for making proteins. Yet, as Masianida would have it, the noncoding DNA plays a significant role in how the body, mind, and soul integrate the protein-coding sequences as a cohesive unit.

The Spirits are steadfast about the natural process that our biology undertakes in response to the vaccine. Therefore, they discount the notion that this new mRNA technology tinkers with our DNA or will interfere with our natural systems. Instead, mRNA technology creates a bridge that assists our biology in receiving sets of instructions that direct cells in the body to make proteins to prevent or fight disease. So, once the mRNA instructions are in the cell, our human biology takes over. 

Imagine the far-reaching impact that this new technology can have on modern medicine.

Masiandia has mentioned that the new mRNA technology will, in time, have a tremendous effect on other uses, particularly cancer. They’re pretty excited at the prospect of how this new technology can send strong signals of whole health throughout the body, lessening the suffering that so many people experience due to fatal diseases. 

Beyond vaccines, cancer research has used mRNA to trigger the immune system to target specific cancer cells. Sartorius specialists suggest, “COVID-19 vaccines are likely just the beginning of the mRNA revolution. mRNA vaccines also have the potential to protect against diseases such as HIV and Zika. mRNA therapies could also hold promise in other clinical areas, including the treatment of cancer and rare genetic disorders.”

Masiandia nevertheless cautions us. They mention that because modern medicine is rooted in controlling biology, not supporting psychological and holistic well-being, people may encounter vaccine side effects due to their body rejecting the authority of the medical establishment. The key is to stand in solidarity with your alternative practices, which may be homeopathy, naturopathic care, Chinese medicine, herbal medicine and energy medicine.

However imperfect our medical system is, as I mentioned earlier, how do we continue living in a modern society without “trust”? I believe that we begin by trusting ourselves and once more trusting each other.

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