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You Matter

You Matter, and why it’s important to know that.

You Matter! You are a significant thread in the tapestry of humanity and universal love.

What awakens you to who you truly are? What reminds you that you do indeed matter? What defines the moment when you become open and accept support and revelation?

It may take hitting the proverbial brick wall.  It may be an illness, a separation, losing of a job, or the sublime moment when someone says something that lands; it resonates so deeply that the words open the door to your soul.

This latter possibility is why I love channeling. Masiandia’s words go to the heart of the matter and aim to awaken. Their messages become soothing and comforting, like poetry, yet can be so direct as to be like a piercing piece of music that goes right to your hidden emotions.

In my last Healing Circle group-channeling event, one of the participants had such an eye and heart opening experience.

Artist: Helena Nelson-Reed

Mary-Anne sent me an email after the event with her feedback notes, which she has given me permission to share.

But first, let me tell you how her process began. Masiandia spoke to the group about how each of us matters and in how we don’t realize this basic and sacred truth. We each have our own signature energy that cannot be replicated.

There is no one on Earth and all of the Universe that has the same energy as you, which is formed not only by your ancestral blueprint and astrology, but also your karma, soul-purpose and personal will.

“Each one of you is a vibratory thread in the cosmic tapestry – a thread that is an expression of divinity.” – Masiandia

In the group-channelling event, when Masiandia communicated this message they were empathic. They spoke to the whole group yet made eye contact with Mary-Anne, and repeatedly said, “You matter!”

The channelled message burrowed into her. Fully alert, she took the words to heart and began to unravel her belief system. She said, “these words mean so much to me. Most of my life, I have felt that I don’t matter.”

In her feedback notes, she wrote, “I cannot tell you how important the healing that I received is to me.  I am grateful to you Linda and Masiandia for going immediately to the quick of the matter.  No nonsense – just right to it.  Gently but directly.”

Mary-Ann’s process revealed an important belief system that she grew up with.

It’s the belief that “Males are more important than females”a belief that is deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness of society.

In her feedback about her process, Mary-Anne wrote, “Although I don’t agree with this belief consciously, in many ways I have lived as though I do.  It has made me very angry and rebellious, but I did not know until now the real root-reason for what I was so upset about.

“Having this belief revealed to me, and in how it has permeated my relationships with men and authority figures in the workplace, is eye opening.  Each day I see the role that I am still playing out with men due to this belief.  But… now I see the way out! 

In her notes, Mary-Anne went on to explain that when growing up, her mother favoured her brother.  She wrote, “It was very painful for me as a child, and I still feel angry towards her.  My brother has since agreed that our mother liked him best but he could never figure out why. He told me, “You were smarter, better looking, more popular… It just didn’t make sense.” 

How inequality between men and women affects us all, and how we can heal.

As I consider Mary-Anne’s story about her mother and brother, I’m aware of how often I’ve heard this story. It points to inequality between men and women, and in how this disparity affects both women and men. The terrible way that women have been treated for generations is not a women’s issue; it’s a human issue – it belongs to all women and men.

Mary-Anne’s mother, who favored her son, not only weakened her daughter’s sense of value; she robbed her son of a greater sense of harmony with the feminine. She gave him the message that the feminine is not as worthy or meaningful – that it doesn’t matter as much as the masculine.

Whatever is discriminated against is felt by all. Whether it’s women, children, minority groups, indigenous people, or those with sensitivities… there is no separation!

My grandparents used to condemn my father, not realizing that what they disapproved of in him exists in me. Truth is, I am like my dad. And so, I too felt judged.

We bridge the gap between men and women, masculine and feminine, when we stop discriminating against one another; when we cease contributing to separation and exclusion.

We’re here to empower one another, not negate the very foundations that make us wholly unique and beautiful.

Healing happens when we cease to see one another as separate.

“Healing can only occur when you return to love. What is shame, hurt, fear, desperation, blame, revenge, control… but the human need for love. Discrimination comes from being afraid of differences, not belonging and abandonment. Therefore it is the human need for inclusion.

“Inclusion is the divine tapestry – the sacred fabric of all life as one. You are each unique sparks of light that comprise the whole of existence. You are needed.

“You matter – Start a new movement!

“You matter so much that you cannot have power over another without lessening your vibration, for he/she matters just as much as you. You can only truly flourish when you celebrate other people’s contribution to life. You discover how precious you are when you rejoice in the beauty of the sacredness in all life.” – Masiandia

In this realization what stood out for me the most when I read Mary-Ann’s notes. Her accountability and willingness to heal and grow spoke volumes.

She explored the key role that she has played in viewing men as more powerful or as having power over her in her work-life.

In her notes, she wrote that she now sees how perfect her work environment has been in bringing forth this belief – a belief that she cannot continue to spiritually bypass and reason with, as she now realizes how much it’s interfering with her sense of value and her choices in life.

She’s taking full responsibility for her belief and for changing it!

When we realize that we’re operating under a false belief, it’s no longer about other people; it’s about self-empowerment and freedom.

When our pain is no longer about other people: men, women, spouse, co-worker, boss, family… then there is no one to fight with, no one to complain about, no one to blame.

There are no words to describe how freeing this is, except that it also includes no longer fighting with ourselves.

Something incredible happens when we become aware of a false belief; we see and sense more; we are open to other possibilities; we are no longer trapped in feeling separate and alone.

Imagine a world where we bring out the best in one another.

I want to share one more thought before I complete this blog. I’m curious about the idea of bringing out the best in one another. I’ve been inspired by a book written with this in mind.

Alison A. Armstrong has written the book: The Queen’s Code, dedicated to helping women bring out the best in men, and is equally beneficial for bringing out the best in women.

What do you think brings out the best in a man? Armstrong says it has to do with learning about his natural language and what makes him feel on purpose. It’s about celebrating who he truly is and guiding him to receive appreciation. What brings out the best in women? In my opinion, it revolves around stoking her fire. It’s about valuing her enough to want to support her, believe in her and awaken her to her brilliance.

Are men and women worthy enough to be supported, believed in, and loved? As Masiandia says, we all matter. Isn’t it worth learning how to bring out the best in each other then? In this way, we can help humanity come home to its intrinsic sacredness.

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