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Manifesting What We Want

I’m pleased to share a new video message for the year 2016 that touches on our beliefs and manifesting what we want. Masiandia supports us in asking for what we truly want, not what we think we want. They distill desire to its simplest and purest form. Click on the video to view the whole message…

“When you choose to value your divinity, you naturally open your receiving-channels and manifest the abundance that is rightfully yours.” ~ Masiandia

Live Your Dreams Fully

Masiandia’s message reminds me of guidance that they have given others and myself over the years, “Don’t think of anything besides being enthusiastic, inspired and living your dream fully, because nothing else exists, unless you think of it and bring it into form.”

Honestly, that’s easier said than done! Sometimes I come up short in following their guidance—in being enthusiastic and knowing what I want. But Masiandia isn’t looking for perfection. Spirits love our resistance as surely as our willingness.

We can also love our resistance. In fact, we can be enthusiastic about resistance, as well as with confusion and despair, because it is only when we welcome everything about ourselves that we live our dreams fully, for we are fully present.

We can be inspired by our negativity rather than push it aside to be replaced with masked happiness. There is no need for control; joy comes with self-acceptance.

Beyond the Impossible

I recall being at a social function where someone confessed that she was challenged by the guidance of Masiandia, proclaiming that it was too difficult. She shrugged her shoulders in defeat and said that it was just impossible.

Yes, it’s true; guidance about self-love and empowerment can seem utterly impossible to achieve at times. Nevertheless, it’s our own self-evaluation that proclaims us a failure or a success. To spirit, we are simply beautiful and worthy as is!

Therefore, inspiration comes from celebrating our many facets and surrendering our self-judgments into curiosity. All these impossible mountains to climb then become an adventure.

Being Willing To Not Know

It’s no longer about not doing it right, but rather about being willing to not know and discover “the how-to” along the journey.

The not-knowing is the adventure, and it’s full of desire and openings to our soul. It’s the source of our purest longing, where we take the “pining” and “have to” out of our lives and become completely unfettered and accessible, open to what we want.



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