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Seeing Beauty

How seeing the beauty in life can ease your pain and transform the way people interact with you. (Part-2: Seeing the Beauty Series)

Open your eyes, there is so much more to see

A number of years ago, my spirit guides shared a valuable teaching with me. They taught me to ‘see’ the beauty all around me at a time when I was in emotional pain, struggling with abandonment issues.

I was traveling with my partner and visiting a close friend of his, a lady friend who had unresolved feelings towards him and who unbeknownst to him was sending me energy-daggers. I was the new woman in his life and she an old flame.

My partner wasn’t able to recognize the energy between her and I, and I felt betrayed. Therefore, the guidance I received about seeing the beauty in this situation didn’t appeal to me. I was full of pain, I struggled to be heard and I didn’t know what I was doing there.

 “Open your eyes, there is so much more to see,” Masiandia told me.  “Look beyond your reaction… what do you see?”

I was so upset with their response, ‘See the beauty – Are you kidding me? I practically yelled at them. ‘Really. I’m being disrespected, my partner is blind, I can’t believe the way his friend is treating me.’

“See the beauty dear one.”

Seeing beauty
Artist: Jonny Linder

I tried to see the beauty to no avail, until beauty surprised me into seeing it. I prayed for the sacred to reveal itself, and it did.

It began by me encouraging my boyfriend to go on a lunch date with his friend. Yes, his dagger throwing friend!

I don’t know why I thought it so important for them to connect, or why I was trusting, except that I felt adamant about it and practically pushed him into it.

I told him that she needed his affection and support. Otherwise, why would she be acting out of jealousy.

The beauty finally came into focus when they were out on the lunch date and I found myself increasingly enraged, and highly protective towards my relationship. That was it; I needed to claim my relationship; I needed to affirm my deep love for my partner.

I saw then just how beautiful my anger was. It spoke of my commitment to my relationship, and of my respect for the friendship between my partner and this woman. Seeing the beauty allowed me to feel the anger fully, and with that came acceptance of her behaviour towards me, as well as I forgave my partner for not knowing how to navigate the situation.

When they returned from their lunch date, the whole issue was resolved between them and her attitude towards me completely shifted, as well as my anger.

By seeing the beauty in my anger, I saw her innocence, my pain eased and the situation changed. It evolved into the expression that served everyone involved. In fact, she and I became quite close after that.

Seeing beauty
Artist: Iván Tamás

Seeing the beauty in life heightens your magnetic energy
Excerpt from my book: Mystical Intimacy

Masiandia: “Seeing the beauty in everything brings you in direct contact with forgiveness. When you see the beauty, you hold a high frequency of forgiveness, love, acceptance and above all, faith. There is nothing that keeps you from loving everything as it is and as it unfolds; nothing separates you from harmony but your own unwillingness. Harmony and peace – the fulfilment of your heart’s desire – is always emerging, breaking free from resistance.”

By seeing the beauty in all life, you become an open vessel – a conduit for divinity. Your magnetic-centre becomes heightened, which attracts what you need to honour your purpose.

“The quantum intelligence of form and consciousness together reach towards you to grant you all the love and support you need. Your job is to receive it. Therefore, open your eyes and ‘see’ the beauty in the world, for there is so much to see. When you ‘see’ the beauty in the world, you see yourself in all of its reflection, and you experience the deep well of love, union and peace that exists within you.”


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Feature image: Artist Kelle Pics



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