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The Importance of Developing the Witnessing-self and Freeing the Mind

Developing the witnessing-self enriches your spiritual life and helps your thinking-mind gain clarity and confidence. 

When you nurture the witnessing-self, your thoughts, judgments, and behaviour become guideposts, a way to understand and release conditioned reactions so that you can move into deep-felt knowing. Even the beliefs and actions of other people become fodder for the fire of your spiritual awakening. This fire is an innocent curiosity for life, which opens your receiving channel, thus allowing you to see and sense reality with a new expansive, and knowable perception.

The witness inside you is simple awareness, the part of you that is aware of everything — just noticing, watching, not judging, just being present, being here now. The witness coexists alongside your normal consciousness as another layer of awareness, as the part of you that is awakening.”Ram Das

The witnessing self doesn’t evaluate or define reality as good or bad but instead remains open to possibilities.

Seeing life as the non-attached neutral observer frees the evaluating mind from the pressure of conforming and controlling reality. The tyranny of rational thinking takes a back seat, allowing your felt-senses interact with reality consciously and with little effort. In this way, you allow reality to be in service to you, rather than fight and argue and rage against it.

Reality is designed to be permeable. It is based on quantum energy, an infinite field of energy that exists as a possibility, but does not manifest as anything until consciousness observes which possibility is going to transpire.

Artwork by JR Korpa

Spiritual Integrity
Excerpt from Mystical Intimacy

When consciousness observes reality, it projects an expectation of what it thinks is going to emerge. This expectation locks into that particular possibility, setting in motion the manifested reality that is expected. It’s only natural that as we observe reality through the lens of spiritual integrity, then we direct our creative energy towards manifesting the reality that is best aligned with our awakened consciousness

Spiritual integrity then supports life’s infinite possibilities because it helps us see more clearly and, therefore, actually changes reality based on our clear observations. Through “right seeing,” we observe reality through an entirely new lens, which encompasses so much more than our familiar perception of reality. 

We see our friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers through a renewed perspective that frees them from the confines of our limited beliefs. It grants them the opportunity to heal and grow. 

Each moment holds infinite possibilities, and we, in turn, hold the key to which reality we experience based on what we perceive and, therefore, what we give to reality.

The Soul is not a finished product. It is always in the process of becoming. It has created for itself infinite acts in which infinite dimensions of fulfillment are possible. Reincarnation is but one facet in the whole picture of probabilities.”Jannet Caywood

Probable Realities
You are Far More than Your Perceptions

Without the witnessing self, we bring our limited perceptions into form through repetitive thoughts, emotions, and projections, depleting the potential for newness and fulfillment.

We affect not only our current reality, but also parallel realities. In the book: Seth, Dream & The Projection of Consciousness by Seth and Jane Roberts, Seth explains that our emotional charged feelings set up refractions of our present state into parallel realities.

“This is the inner nature of action,” Seth communicates. “Those thoughts and desires and impulses not made physically real in your terms will be made real in other systems.”

You exist in an infinite number of universes. You are massive. You are far more than you perceive yourself to be.Melissa Field

There are many aspects of You in the probable systems, and each You is related psychologically in a personality structure.

Seth describes the inner self as psychologically influenced by these probable personalities. “These other identities are fully independent and individual. They exist in codified psychological structures within your personality, as you do in theirs.”

Existing in parallel realities is the reason that many interactions with the people in your life are so subjective. They mirror your probable personalities and force you to make peace with your whole self. They reflect aspects of your parallel selves that you have rejected and thrown to the far reaches of your consciousness. 

The key to awakening is observing the self through a myriad of windows, allowing yourself to be multidimensional – to see in others the aspect of yourself that you have rejected.

As you develop the non-judgmental self, you become aware and resourceful.

You become a healing presence towards your parallel realities, your past and future lives, and your ancestral lineage. And you draw insight, comfort, and support from these probable realities as you would your spirit guides.

Everything is interconnected and purposeful. It’s freeing to get out of the way and allow life to unfold and surprise us, uplift and inform us.

Ultimately, by being the witnessing self, we tap into unrealized potential; we nourish our whole self, body, mind and soul. We influence other realities by way of being free of contagions (limiting belief patterns). We emit a high vibrational frequency from our energy field and manifest a new world of expanded experience.

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