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Transform Negative Emotions

How to transform negative emotions into a spiritual practice, and live consciously from the heart.

Transform your negative emotions by embracing them.

It’s only by  developing an intimate relationship with your emotions that you can connect with your true essence,  express yourself more clearly and maintain equilibrium, because emotions are the doorway to your soul.

Your emotions stir you from within and guide you in ways no other life-experience can do. No amount of overcoming your feelings or side-stepping them will garner the kind of support and inner knowing that your emotions illicit. Feel more to free your body, mind and spirit.

Just when you think the emotion will overwhelm you, something else happens; you enter into a deep sense of comfort and well-being, not longer victimized by your negative emotions, but rather enlightened.

Emotions can be uncomfortable, but worth feeling for the freedom it gives you.

When you shut out emotions it’s most likely because they make you feel uncomfortable, but invariably that affects your internal compass—it shuts down your connection to spirit.

It is by welcoming your feelings that you become aware of what is trying to emerge in all areas of your life. You become conscious of your boundaries and your truth, and develop a new language that is compassionate towards yourself and others.

 It is by embracing yourself that you seed a new life
for yourself and a new world for all of humanity.
~ Masiandia

All your emotions need utmost care to evolve and be released.

A client recently described to me. “I find it hard to voice my thoughts, as there seems to be this invisible fear that looms nearby or inside of me.”

I acknowledged her for her awareness of the fear, and said, “So many people are not aware of the energies that loom nearby or within; they instead act out from the energy unconsciously. We need to be very tender towards our vulnerabilities and the only way to be tender is to know our vulnerabilities.”

“I resonate with that,” she replied, and acknowledged that it took her a lot of courage to face her fears and weaknesses. She recognized that being honest with herself had never been an easy task and that she had a tendency to resort to self-denial. “I really want to speak the truth and live the truth,” she affirmed.

Becoming intimate with your dark emotions

It’s not easy to be honest with ourselves and cultivate intimacy with our dark emotions, such as with fear, hurt and especially anger, since these feelings are often deemed unworthy.

We live in an age of enlightment that invariably denies the expression of earthly feelings, particularly those feelings that are characterized as negative.

Anger, for instance, is an expression that is widely frowned upon and seen as destructive, but in essence, anger safeguards our integrity. How can we even begin to set clear boundaries and say ‘no’ to incongruences that undermine our well-being, if we are not in touch with our anger.

Your feelings are too powerful to remain harnessed
Excerpt from my book: Mystical Intimacy

Constant repression of self inevitably wreaks havoc in your lives, leading to a creative imbalance, poverty, pain and illness. Free your emotions by embracing them. They are beautiful: complex and incredible expressions of your spirit.”~ Masiandia

When we shut out emotions that frighten us, we shut down our channel, not the emotions, like the tree that draws away from brackish water, withdrawing its roots and never getting the nourishment it needs.

Masiandia often asks us to feel more. But for many people, feeling more is frightening; they’re afraid that the feelings will overtake them. What they don’t realize is that by feeling more, the feelings change. Connecting with our emotions creates a shift in consciousness. When we “feel” into our reactions, we recognize the underlying trigger and we connect with what is opening in us, rather than remain stuck in the initial emotional reaction.

Without self-awareness, the energy behind emotions is projected onto outside circumstances, contributing to conflict and pain. To lessen painful consequences, we must acknowledge our repressed feelings and come to realize that the exiled parts of us hold much grace and wisdom. The imprisoned shapes, which we have grown so accustomed to, seek the light of love and acceptance, and we can fulfill that need by greeting all our feelings with love and acceptance.

May you fall in love with yourself now and forever more.

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