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Vibrational Medicine: BodySOUL Energy Mastery Self-observation Practice



Energy Mastery is practice of self-observation designed to enhance your spiritual life and relationships.

The art of observation deepens your connection with yourself and others on all physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels.

  • Awaken your authentic self.
  • Become consciously aware of your felt-sense experience, your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and intuition.
  • Attune your physical self with your higher consciousness, and discover your rich inner well of resources.
  • Evolve the way you observe reality and your relationship to reality.

The Energy Mastery course is based on a Vibrational Medicine and in how self-awareness is the key to healing and transformation.

Through self-awareness, you release ancient stories and concepts that have been passed down through generations. You become present and willing to engage with life whole-heartedly, rather than react to it. You change the way you look at things, and therefore the things you look at change.

Running time: 1 hour 25 mins

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