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How connected are you with your body, mind and soul?

Imagine becoming consciously aware of the messages your emotions, thoughts and intuition are trying to convey to you.

Think about what it would feel like to free your conditioned behaviour and cultivate emotional well-being, self-compassion and spiritual awareness.

BodySOUL Integration is a comprehensive healing method that combines spiritual counselling with channeling to help you get in sync with your emotional needs and your spiritual integrity, which serves to support the emergence of what is truly wanting to unfold in your life.

Together, channeled guidance with counseling bridges the gap between the mind and soul.

Traditional counseling has its benefits, but BodySOUL Integration goes beyond conventional therapy, by providing a practical framework along with intuitive insight and highly attuned healing, to help you connect with your inner knowing, and transform your life personally and professionally.

A safe and sacred container for spiritual emergence to take place.

BodySOUL Integration is a compassionate approach that welcomes all of you – your anxiety, depression, hope, stuckness, anger, longing, joy, desperation, sorrow, curiosity and divinity, desperation, sorrow, curiosity and divinity. All of you is seen as resourceful and sacred!

As you uncover your inner resources, your health and wellbeing improves, intimate connections deepen, your soul-purpose becomes clear, and conscious awareness emerges in all areas of your life.

When BodySOUL Integration can help

Often, people seek therapeutic or spiritual support and healing during a crisis or when they are in extreme stress and emotional pain, but support can also be accessed for the purpose of personal growth and emotional and physical well-being.

Essential times to seek out spiritual counseling with channeling are…

  • You’re facing a difficult decision that will affect your work-life, home, relationships.
  • You’re feeling disconnected from yourself and yearn to remember who you truly are.
  • You or someone you love has been diagnosed with an illness – you need answers and direction.
  • Someone you love has passed away and you need help with your grieving by connecting with their spirit.
  • Past trauma is resurfacing and you feel confused, overwhelmed and frightened.
  • The people in your life are telling you that you’re too sensitive, intense, negative, and you feel ashamed and alone.
  • You struggle with anxiety, and you have difficulty relaxing and sleeping.

If you can relate with these issues and concerns, let me join you on your healing journey and introduce you to your soul-essence and personal power.

“When I first received Linda’s Healing, it helped me through a very dark time in my life. With her amazing ability to stay centered and compassionate through my resistance and personal struggles, I opened my heart and surrendered my fear. I learned to observe my life through less and less judgment and let go of painful memories and limiting beliefs.”

BodySOUL Integration will help you gain a better understanding of your intrinsic value and needs in an atmosphere of psychological and spiritual integration.

The healing benefits are many …

  • Gain clarity, spiritual insight and understanding.
  • Dissolve energy-blocks and re-pattern core beliefs.
  • Make peace with your past and free your authentic expression.
  • Get in touch with your fundamental needs.
  • Unlock your natural gifts and strengthen your personal power.
  • Become aligned with your soul-purpose.
  • Make life-affirming choices based on your true sense of value.

“I have grown so much since the day I first opened Linda’s book and received subsequent sessions. It’s been a miraculous, magical and life altering experience. I am learning to embrace all my emotions and allowing them to tell me their purpose, and I am choosing to give myself the gentle love and comfort that I never knew how to do until now.”
– Prem

Unable to find the answers on your own? Access the support you need to heal and grow.

You may be reluctant to give yourself the opportunity for deep transformational healing, perhaps believing that you should be able to find the answers on your own, or maybe you fear the change that will follow.

With channeled guidance, you have the advantage of being supported by an in-depth spiritual ally – spirit-guides that enable you to engage with your spiritual self, develop harmonious relationships and become open to life’s possibilities.

I’m here to help you cultivate a meaningful relationship between your spirit and human nature, and ultimately access your own inner guidance.

I feel most grateful for Linda’s ability to put me at ease with her unconditional love and acceptance, and her natural gift as a therapist/healer.  My body relaxes in sessions knowing that her steady guidance is something I can depend on like a solid rock in a tumultuous sea.
– Helen

Book an Appointment

I am available internationally on Zoom Video-call or by phone in North America, and in-person in Gibsons and in Vancouver, BC.
Sessions can be recorded on MP3 and emailed to you following your appointment.

To book a session in Vancouver, please email me.
For sessions in Gibsons or Online, click on the schedule below.

Initial Discovery Session

1 hr 30 mins: $195 CDN +GST

90 mins Follow-up Session

1 hr 30 mins: $195 CDN +GST

60 mins Follow-up Session

1 hr: $150 CDN +GST


Please note the 60 mins follow-up session is by phone and virtual only. If you haven’t had a session in more than three months, I recommend you book a 90 minute follow-up session.

Extended Benefits

If you have insurance coverage for counseling, the following insurance providers have a relationship with ACCT (my professional organization):

  • Sunlife
  • Green Shield
  • Pacific Blue Cross
  • Equitable Life of Canada
  • ClaimSecure
  • Manulife

“The insights that Linda and Masi have given us have simply been life changing, not only as a couple, but also as individuals. We have both experienced a profound healing on so many levels. Truly awesome! We feel blessed to experience both Linda and Masi’s love, support and guidance. It is like we have the best “board of directors” in the business of life!”
– John and Josephine

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