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Honouring Our Natural Pace In Life

Organic Flow

I’m curious about honouring the organic and spontaneous flow in our lives along with purposeful action — the interplay between not-doing and doing that supports transformational healing through trust and devotion.

I believe that spiritual fulfilment is a way of life that honours our natural pace of healing and well-being. It is not something to attain or achieve, but rather a state of heartfelt presence.

Spiritual fulfilment is not an accelerated path to awakening, as some teachers of spirituality advocate.

Some teachers/healers will tell you that they can assist you to heal more quickly; they propose to be the ticket to fast-track enlightenment, promising a swift process to self-discovery and release, and that they can do what other healers, counsellors, and teachers cannot do.

Slowing Down

My question is, “why has new-age spirituality adopted such a fast-paced model — a treadmill version of enlightenment?” … “Why are we in such a hurry to ascend, and furthermore, what does ascending really mean?” … “Do we all need to be so special that we cannot celebrate the mundane, the day-to-day that is the solid ground, the fertile soil for growing our lives?”

Spiritual fulfilment is not about getting-there-faster. It’s about allowing our lives to unfold naturally instead of wilfully trying to reshape who we are, or asserting our expectations, assumptions and goals onto life.

Our lives are so much more fulfilling when we trust that everything has its own season.

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“We have all but forgotten the lost art of porch-sitting, the art of leisure—of leaving a wide margin in our lives.” … “Leaving space within ourselves to allow for a regathering of energy and gestation in the womb of our being is necessary to organically deepen creative growth.” ~ David Ulrich, in The Widening Stream

Excerpt from my book: Mystical Intimacy
Channelled Message

“It is such a relief to observe the natural evolution of your life with patience and trust, to realize your dreams by respecting and honouring your natural pace.

“Unlocking your potential does not come from striving for anything; it is brought about by devotion. Peace and fulfilment come from not pushing for change, for it is inevitable that you will change and grow.

“Peace comes from allowing your true-longing to unfold organically with devotion. It’s about being absolutely willing to feel everything. Then your longing is free to reveal your soul, for it isn’t overshadowed by dominance, compulsiveness or impatience.

“Feeling into your longing is a prayerful letting-in of God. It is a spiritual practice that provides you with a deep sensory experience of what it feels like to return to yourself and be enriched with soulful guidance.”

“You are each holy and magnificent instrument of the Divine, designed to express your highest purpose in both order and chaos, familiarity and utter unknown.

“You are each meant to express God’s wisdom within your own personal growth, your path of evolution, like an intricate melody that completely embodies divinity.”


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