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The Hidden Gift of Being Human

Humanity is not the weak link to spiritual fulfillment

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people apologize for being human, or refer to their human consciousness as the culprit for all the pain in the world. “If it wasn’t for humans,” people say, “The world would be a better place.” What if that’s not true?

Masiandia, the group-soul I channel has a very different view of our human consciousness. They see all of us as courageous beings incarnating in a world that needs our full presence—our love and devotion, not our discrimination against being human. They praise us all for taking the plunge into earth experience.

Our souls know that by incarnating we forget who we truly are, yet still we emerge into these bodies to encompass our divinity in flesh and bone, and in interactive experience. Our willingness to being human with all its failings and hopes, deep feeling and pain… is the way to remembering who we truly are.

Angels, guardian spirits, guides and our higher self are here to help us remember our divinity. By no longer trying to escape earth-consciousness, denying our true feelings, ignoring our intuition and sensory signals, or judging human experience as wrong… we are free to serve our soul through the willingness to feel, sense and become more and more whole.

Our purpose is service, not resistance

Our humanity is the vessel that houses Divinity – it’s the voice that speaks for God, Goddess and All That Is. Our human consciousness is in service to our soul. It is the vehicle in which soul sees, hears and experiences life. It’s the vehicle in which soul-families unite and work through and heal karma. It is the way in which the Divine expresses itself.

How do you wish to house the Sacred in your body and life? Would you like to be a fluid channel for Source to evolve consciousness through you? Can you begin by welcoming all your life-experiences with open arms of trust and faith, even when those experiences are uncomfortable and painful?

Even when part of you resists, you can tune into your witnessing self—
the part of you that is curious about all life and is welcoming.

The greatest gift we can give this world is cherishing our humanness so that we can bestow upon the collective mind a profound sense of belonging and love.

It is by being open to our thoughts, beliefs and projections that we honour who we are individually and as a whole—we free our inner voice and our joy as a collective. The hidden gift of being human is receptivity—it is loving everything, even loving what we deem not worthy of love, even what is uncomfortable and painful.

“Everything, everything, everything … ‘did we say everything?’ …  needs love.” ~ Masiandia

The key to love is to let energy move freely

Shifting from resistance, judgment and blame, into love and compassion isn’t always a clear choice. We can get so caught up in expectations – in wanting things to go our way. Or sometimes, we just don’t want to change our course of action; we don’t want to let go; we become fixated on the way things are rather than surrendering into a new direction.

Change is always emerging. It’s the fundamental properties of energy, and since we are made of energy, we are always shifting, moving, evolving. The key is to let energy move freely. How? By being curious, which is profoundly different than being judgmental. Curiosity allows us to expand while judgment creates stagnation and contraction in our minds, bodies and ultimately in all areas of our lives. By being curious we remain open to what is showing up in our lives, even our reactions.

Being open to our reactions means loving our reactions—being gentle and accepting, as well as surrendering to the will of our Divinity. This is the only way to align with our soul consciousness. We need to welcome everything to behold it in the light of what is sacred. Otherwise, these rejected aspects of our humanness despair and seek love in all the wrong places—in addiction and conflict with self and others.

When we welcome everything about ourselves: joy, fear, frustration, reaction, patience, struggle, acceptance, stubbornness… we are so much closer to understanding who we are and what we need, and to restoring our wholeness. Something happens when we embrace all these conflicting parts of us; they come together into a harmonious perspective of life. We find peace; we feel safe; we’re no longer under the scrutiny of self-discrimination; we connect with a deep sense of belonging because every facet of our existence is welcomed.



To all of these visitors, I say:
Come a little closer,
risk stepping towards
the strange light
of acceptance, respect and love.

To you, the observer,
I invite you to:
be curious, pay attention,
let a mentor introduce you
to those parts of yourself
which you have written off
as troublemakers and deviants.

They long for inclusion and a place
within your inner family.
They are full of unrealized potential.

~  Mahmud Nestman

Fulfill your fundamental needs that are at the heart of fear, resentment,
self-protection and attachment.

Transform shame, guilt, and insecurity into self-love and acceptance.

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