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Healing The Ancestors Freeing Yourself

Energy Medicine for healing the ancestors and freeing yourself

Spiritual Practice: Healing the ancestors and freeing yourself

I’d like to introduce you to a practice of lifting the veil of conditioned beliefs so that you can receive a download of higher vibrational energy. Here is a gentle way to release outmoded beliefs and connect with the blessings of your spirit.

~ To begin with please take a deep breath. Fill your basin, your deep belly and lower back, then expand your breath into your ribs and lower chest, and finally into your upper chest. Hold your breath, hold, hold, hold… and exhale… feel the release.

~ Breath again, but this time a little deeper, and hold your breath a little longer… and exhale… and feel the release.

~ One more time, and this time rest in the release of your breath. Let the tension in your body settle into deep calm without effort. Simply focus on the intention to relax.

~ Once you feel centered, begin by allowing your ancestral lineage – the energy matrix of your genealogy – to touch you and gently permeate you. Let it actually enter into your being. Remember to breathe. Breathe in any discomfort or sense of unease associated with the old outmoded conditioning from your ancestors. Let the hurt, pain, fear and false beliefs passed down through generations find its way in and through you to the heart of your love and willingness to heal.

~ Notice where you are feeling it in your body. Is there a specific area, or is it subtle?  Remember to breathe.

~ Let your sensory experience expand out like rays of light or like a flock of birds let out of a cage into all areas of life’s possibilities. Remember to breathe.

~ Let your ancestral conditioning dissolve into complete surrender, curiosity, willingness to heal.

~ You’re transforming the pain that your ancestor’s bore into lightness of being – into the manifestation of your love and forgiveness.

~ To complete, breathe in slowly, exhale slowly and relax, and now let yourself receive a download from the light of your being – from your soul – an energy activation of what it feels like to be free, whole, loved, forgiven, at peace, successful…

~ You can now take a moment to focus on the download that you need. Maybe it’s a deep sense of what it feels like to be understood and considered, safe and cared for, courageous and passionate about your life and endeavours, or maybe it’s a deep sense of what it feels like to join with your spirit and trust in the unfolding mystery of your life.

This healing practice is a follow up from my initial blog tilted: The Miracle of Moving Beyond the Chains of Ancestral Programing and Connecting with Your Soul-purpose. To read more click here…


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