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Inner Child

Inner-child healing, the doorway to connecting with the wisdom of your innocence.

Let your child reveal your amazing innocence. Let it be the doorway to your spiritual wisdom.

We often think of the inner-child as wounded or in need for care; little do we see it as a guiding force in our lives – as a wise being. 

At my book launch celebration, I read parts of my book where I communicate with my inner-child, because I wanted to shed light on the wisdom of innocence. Through communicating with my inner-child, I have gained such profound understanding and intuitive freedom.

I chose to focus on this particular part of the book because it’s is so intimate, and what better way to start an evening on Mystical Intimacy than to share vulnerably.

It all began in the early stages of writing Mystical Intimacy, when Masiandia asked me to share my past. I hesitated because it wasn’t my intention to write about my childhood, and furthermore my past was traumatic. It seemed overly dark to focus on the past, and I had to dispel the belief that one should leave the past behind.

Initially, I wrote about the past as though I was writing a book-report – matter of fact and at a safe distance. To be more authentic, I chose to connect with my childhood memories by communicating with the past. In order to do this, I needed to feel safe and so I asked Masiandia why they wanted me to share my past.

Excerpt from Mystical Intimacy

Masiandia: “We endeavour to support those who have been neglected and over shadowed by misconceptions to come to understand that it is highly necessary that they reacquaint themselves with their inner voice. Not the inner-child you may think she/he is supposed to be, but the child she/he is before all the illusions have settled in.

“Pay no mind to the agreements that you made as a child, just listen inwards to the voice of your innocence. Listen to his/her rage, hunger, pain, joy, silliness and desires, but mostly listen to his/her personal, intimate and receptive needs.

“Under the heavy weight of obligations, moral conduct, limiting rules, denial and self-neglect, who are you? Who are you really? You are a joyful, emotional, empowered being who is innocent and interconnected with the grace of your spirit. Let your child reveal your amazing innocence. Let it be the doorway to your spiritual wisdom.”

It’s so important to connect with your inner-innocence so that you can be authentic.

Authenticity is vulnerability! “You’re either vulnerable or pretending to not be vulnerable,” said David Whyte at his book reading on Vulnerability last Spring.

We’re never not vulnerable.  Ultimately, vulnerability means being wide open. We’re either open or we’re not, and it’s a choice.

When I wrote Mystical Intimacy, I chose to be open and to trust Masiandia’s guidance even though I felt profoundly exposed. Making the decision to share my history with the world was a trigger for me, because it was so vulnerable, and yet to be real I had to release my inhibitions and open myself to what wanted to emerge.

What unfolded was a deep and heart-felt connection with my past that revealed the beauty of inner-innocence, and freed me into in-depth understanding of spiritual guidance and knowledge that I share in Mystical Intimacy.

The transcript of the channelled communication with my inner-child can be found in Chapter-two.

Inner child
Photograph by Andrew Branch

The freedom to love your inner-child

I heard from a woman that after reading the part where I channel my inner-child, she experienced a visceral release. In a flood of tears, she realized the extent to which she had not given her inner-child permission to express itself. She felt such profound relief, as though I had written her own story – her own internal feelings and experiences.

This spontaneous opening brought her in touch with the deep desire to connect with her own innocence and receive its rich resource of inner-wisdom. Her intuition has since soared, and it’s incredible to witness how her life now holds so much magic.


May you be open to your inner-innocence,
shed all shackles that keep you from being whole and vulnerable.


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learn to connect with the wisdom of your innocence.

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Featured Image by Stefan Kelly

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