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Spiritual Practice, #LindaNardelli

Are you in a hurry to heal and evolve? Let me show you how to slow down and connect with yourself.

Healing is not a hurried journey.

When it comes to healing, there is no finish line. It’s an ongoing spiritual practice that allows every moment to be an opportunity to explore life and let in the Divine.

Healing just does not happen by willing it to happen. It’s really about trust.

In my work as a healer, I am continuously touched by the trust I am given by my clients and the spontaneous healing that takes place. Obstacles are transformed, not because people work hard or faster at shifting their reality, but because they become willing observers and willing participants in every aspect of their lives.

Personal breakthrough is a choice that respects your own natural pace and timing.

Many years ago, I decided to not join an Osho Aum workshop that a friend had strongly encouraged me to be a part of. When I declined, he told me that I was obviously not ready for the kind of deep work that happened in the group.

I was initially curious about the workshop, but then felt a niggly sense of uncertainty.  Upon investigation, I was told that the workshop consisted of four hours of exploring six different emotional states, each interspersed by 15 minutes dancing to house music. One of the states is anger, where you scream hateful remarks to as many people as you can in the group. After dancing off the hate, the love phase begins where you look into each other’s eyes and declare your love. Then there is 15 minutes of everybody laughing uncontrollably, followed by crying and then sexual exploration where you are encouraged to dance and feel your inner sexual energy and express it to others in the group.

I opted to not join the group because I was concerned that the experience would be emotionally scarring. After all, it sounded a lot like my upbringing.

In later years, I listened to a friend use the same words in describing a workshop she had attended and in how some of the participants had walked away. She said, “they’re not ready for such an advanced group.” I came to the participants’ defense, and suggested that maybe it didn’t fit their particular need for healing.

Your inner knowing trumps anything that anyone tries to tell you.

Only you know want you need for healing.

You can trust your own spiritual authenticity – your intuition – even when you feel uncertain and are experiencing resistance.

Resistance is a guide, a way to discern what you need in every moment.

Resistance is especially helpful in defining what wants to unfold naturally in your life. Here is where your intuition plays a huge role. By slowing down, you have the opportunity to tune into your gut feeling and really listen to your resistance, rather than override it.

Your resistance may be guiding you to avoid a group or situation that does not benefit you, as I did with the above-mentioned workshop. Conversely, resistance may be pointing to personal issue prime for self-inquiry. Again, by slowing down you become attentive to what you may be avoiding, such as a conversation that you need to have with a friend or your boss. Perhaps you are holding off on setting clear boundaries, saying no to abuse, or acknowledging your fear or unmet needs.

Resistance requires self-awareness, which necessities the art of slowing down and being fully present to the moment. That is the ultimate healing – being present to what is!  

Channelled Message

Spiritual Practice #LindaNardelli #VernMinard #Meditation

Masiandia: “Our dear friends, the healing journey is the only journey – it is life. What is the hurry? Why rush through your life? Ah, to get there faster? Where? Ah yes of course, to escape failure, disappointment, regret….

“Please slow down long enough to embrace every feeling, every concern, every belief, and above all, slow down long enough to enjoy it. That is what life is really all about!”

“Come away from the din.
Come away to the quiet fields,
over which the great sky stretches,
and where, between us and the stars,
there lies but silence;
and there, in the stillness
let us listen to the voice
that is speaking within us.”

~ Jerome K. Jerome




On the path of healing there comes a time when the voice of old wounds
transforms into faith and empowerment, and you encompass
a new vision of yourself.
Discover how







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