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What sustains your energy, your work and commitment?

What you need to sustain your energy in your work and life is highly important.

“What sustains and nourishes me?” is a question I ask myself in order to maintain my connection to what I do, who I am, who I share my time with and my spiritual practices. I find this very revealing and helpful.

I ask myself, “What do I need to sustain my work, relationships, my energy and generosity, spiritual dedication, my faith …

In relationships, my strength and devotion is sustained by being heard, appreciated and trusted. In my work, my client’s willingness to grow, their curiosity and receptivity sustains my energy. It fertilizes the ground; it produces a plentiful harvest in which to share.

In the ebb and flow of life, it is the moments of silence that sustain me. When the outside world doesn’t sustain me, I am reminded to quietly retreat inwards, and find the voice of the Divine waiting patiently. There is always a replenishing embrace waiting for us, to fill us up.

This I trust profoundly, yet I am overwhelmed by the largeness of world-changes, the immensity of tragedies. With so many crises, with people’s homes and families are torn away, how do we affirm our vital energy, our soul-purpose?

Everywhere I turn to on the news, there is so much hardship. How do we all even begin to settle our souls, to find solace and meaning within it all, when with floods in Alberta and Ontario, homes and infrastructures are damaged and destroyed; in India, history and lives devastated, 4,500 people missing; In Lac-Megantic, Quebec, a train derailment sparked explosions and massive fire, leaving behind a large area of destruction, death and people missing?


To renew, re-balance and sustain my own energy; to not drown in sadness, I look for the larger picture; the way the community comes together.

In Calgary, thousands of volunteers spent the first day of their Canada Day-long weekend cleaning flood-ravaged communities around the city. In the San Francisco plane crash, 300 passengers were saved.

I also trust in divine order, in the way people can heal and be whole. In looking back at the Oklahoma City bombing for instance, a survivor says, “What I saw that day was stunning. Not only the amount of destruction, but the outpouring of love,” The survivor goes one to explain. “Injured people in the emergency room kept volunteering to let others be treated before them.”

I don’t want to make light of tragedy by focusing on the larger purpose, but I do want to find a way to hold a higher frequency of harmony and peace. I say this with humility and hope, yet know from experience that it doesn’t bring back those that have passed away; it doesn’t make right a wrong or lessen the impact of the pain. But we can, all together, return over and over again to prayer, instilling each moment with the presence of our souls.

Channelled Message

“There is no right and wrong; there is no devastation on the other side of the veil, and nor do your spirits, who embody life, recoil at hardship. Things are not as they appear.

“Everything you experience in three-dimensional reality is interwoven with the essence of who you are and what you are here to live through. 

“A man can be in a fire, witness frightening things and escape it narrowly, to save another person’s life, thus honour a karmic alliance. Someone who is torn from the world pulled under by a landslide, acts as a guide for the children who pass over into death. A woman who loses her children in a crash discovers a love that outlives pain. These are the underlying reasons that certain people come together, experiencing tragedy and loss, to undergo a transformation on a level beyond your human understanding, beyond time and space, beyond the pain.

Nothing is predestined, but nor is it by chance. Every person who is part of, affected by, and supporting agents in matters of world-tragedies, has agreed to be involved on a soul-level. Therefore, there are no victims.

“This is difficult for the mind to understand, let alone accept; yet that is exactly what we are asking you to do. Don’t look at world events through the lens of sorrow, but rather through the lens of receptivity and prayer.

“This is a time to open yourselves to the light of God, open to your own true essence, open yourselves to the pain that is in this world and transform it with your love. In love, everything is made whole, because you are not looking away from it. Everything is welcomed.

“This is so important that we cannot find the words, the way in which to instil in you the significance of being in a state of loving this world as it is, not as you wished it would be. You must find your own words, your own expression and unfalteringly return to your prayer, your faith, your hearts.

Presently, there are higher levels of catastrophes, as you know it … opportunities for awakening, as we know it. The earth, humanity, quantum vibration and the grid-patterns of mass-consciousness are shifting rapidly, causing chaos and catalysts for change, because living-patterns need to change to address the new earth. Like a festering wound, the earth is in the process of healing itself, releasing stagnant energy, and humanity is undergoing mass-renewal.

“It is absolutely imperative that you all share the stage of grieving into joy, letting go of restricting deliberating fear, desperation and greed. Let go of having to have the answers, the life-direction, and control. The fix-it model doesn’t work. The judgement doesn’t work, and depression and regret don’t work either.

“Now is the time to be open to the ever-shifting reality, and let it be more than your three-dimensional perception; let it be more than your minds, strategies and confusion. You are not confused, you are not alone, you are not abandoned, and you are not separate from Source-energy. You are vastly multi-dimensional, beautiful beyond words, and whole in relationship with your spirits.”

Channelled Message

“You are sustained when you treat life with kindness and respect, both for others as well as yourself.

“You return to wholeness and are rejuvenated when you eat good food and bless it with your gratitude, when you share with others and trust that your generosity is endless because you are part of something so much bigger than your own life.

“Your energy is completely rebalanced when you cease worrying and enter into a state of grace, allowing all life, seen and unseen, to support you. But mostly, you are restored when you remember your spirit, when you encompass a soul relationship with all life, when you love this world, no longer abandoning who you are, or another.

“When nature, your body, trees, soil, wildlife, is honoured, then the body/mind and spirit unite and nourish me.

“I am not weak, but together we are weakened. I am not a victim of your greed, but together we suffer poverty; together we are bound in a story of loss. But without you, I exist in energy only; I am form without partnership.

“Without the consciousness of you, the essence of nature, the company of wildlife, the earth is incomplete. Together, we are made whole; together we can heal.  I need you as you need me. I can serve you, I am a generous being, I am your mother … but you must do the receiving.

I make no apology for my power; now cease apologizing for who you are. Cease looking away when life bewilders you, when I frighten you, when your body, your mind and everyone around you cannot be repressed or controlled. I am the body, the temple, the ground on which you walk. 

“Join me – walk with deliberation – walk with me.  Walk as if life is forgiving and equally relentless because it is! Walk with me recognizing that you are not alone, will never be alone, and that life demands your utmost presence, because of we as a whole need you here.

“You are needed in all of your glory, your life-experience, your life-processes and your gift. You are all gifted and revered. Now open your eyes and see, recognize, welcome who you are with profound appreciation. That is the healing tool – the harmony you all long for, therefore give it to yourselves. Sustain your energy by appreciating ‘you’. – In love, always in love, Gaia, planet Earth


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