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Smiling Out Loud

Have there been moments in your life when, seemingly out of nowhere, a stranger looks beautiful to you? Maybe it is the way someone wears a hat, a distinctive look, the way her smile lights up her face, the glow in his eye.

The other day, I saw someone I hardly know and I could barely contain myself. I told her she looked radiant, her husband was light-incarnate, the woman behind the fruit and vegetable stand was so friendly, her pumpkins were beautiful.

Across the way, the chocolate lady looked magnificent and I wanted all her elixirs. My husband was the best man in the world … the trees were luminous, the air fragrant, and the ground supportive …

Stranger to Love

A few years ago, I recall giving a stranger a compliment, when unexpectedly, she said, “Is that your good deed for the day.” Thankfully, I didn’t take it personally, though I was a bit shocked because my compliment had been genuine and actually quite innocent. In fact, the compliment flew out of my mouth because she looked so stunning.

Can you imagine cultivating a fluid, buoyant interaction with such innocence?

Imagine responding to someone’s admiration with an even more generous connection than they are offering you, such as when someone gives you a hug; you can give him/her an even warmer hug, not to compete but to grow the energy of care and connectivity. Or imagine that when someone offers you a compliment that you give him/her a loving smile.

On my way off the ferry recently, an older gentleman, with a puzzled look on his face, asked me if we knew each other from somewhere. I had smiled at him in passing, so he thought we had previously met. My grin widened even more, as I kindly said, “No, I don’t think we have met,” and as he passed and walked ahead of me, he looked back and said, “Well you have a great smile.”

I hope that as you read this you find yourself smiling too, maybe you even see and sense more beauty all around you and become more open to sharing it with others.

By Vern Minard
By Vern Minard

Channelled Message

“There is nothing like stopping the push and pull of separation, ceasing the involvement of misinterpreting other people’s actions, including your own.

“What if you were indeed opened by someone’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beauty, and found yourself breathless in awe? Would that be so bad?

“What if you saw, in the mirror, someone magnificent, special, different, unique, beautiful … loved?

“Indeed you are, and even more significant is the necessity to open your eyes and recognize this to be true.

“Look in the mirror, in the eyes of your best friend, your child, your parent, your spouse, even a stranger, and let them all reflect just how meaningful your life is.

“So many times you are too busy projecting your fear and your expectations – that you neglect to see that you are loved. You neglect to see that life is attracted to you. By fearing the worst, and harbouring beliefs that you are unwanted and that your endeavours are without merit, you lose energy, you lose focus and you lose ground.

“How can you make manifest the full expression of your magnificence, and draw into your life the direct reflection of your magnificence, if you don’t see just how beautiful and precious you are?

“When you don’t see yourself, neither does the world. When you don’t forgive yourself for being frail, weak, uncertain … how can anyone join you in celebrating who you are? When you are afraid of your own power, of being beautiful, influential … how can anyone learn from you and in turn inspire you? When you try to cope with life, not thrive, how can abundance know where you are?

“Everything you want, everything you are, everything you aspire and everything that you don’t have … is an ongoing journey, a way to learn to stop trying, stop pushing, stop pulling, stop wrestling with life. Instead, live, laugh, celebrate, be in love and be loved.

“These attributes – these joys – are not only for the lucky, the smart but for everyone. When you believe that you are lesser than, or have less than …  you neglect to see your value. You neglect to calm your nervous system, your digestive organs, and your overall sense of place in the world. Why deplete your vital energy when you can love the world you live in … and love ‘you’ in it?”

Spiritual Healing Practice

This is a powerful healing ritual that Masiandia gave a group of participants in a spiritual-study workshop. Masiandia says that we can do this practice at any point in our life, whether we simply need an energy boost, or we need to reconnect with our whole Self. In fact, they say that it is a life-long practice … a way of life.

Channelled Message

“You can look at yourself in the mirror, or look at yourself in a tree, in the reflection of water or the sky, or in another human being. It’s a practice in self-reflection, in seeing your inner-self, your whole self. Your eyes can be closed or open – the importance is beingness – being open to ‘you.’

“Begin by looking at your reflection. In fact, stare at your self, not your image, not your wrinkles, not your idea of who you think you are.are

“Look into your self beyond your physical form. See into your eyes, into your skin and your features … see more. See through the Maya of your self-judgments and then take a deep breath to cleanse all energies that prevent you from seeing you.

“Once you are empty and curious, let your self see its reflection in you, allowing the mirrored image to look back at you. Notice what it sees in you. It is as though you are looking at a completely different person, other than yourself, gazing back at you through the looking glass.

“Two parts of one whole beholding the other in a respectful, loving and accepting embrace. Your longing is a symbiotic relationship between spirit and matter, opening you to a greater vision of you.

“Let your longing come to you, look through you and adore you. Open yourself to the love of spirit through gazing into the mirror, allowing your higher self to invoke in you a deep-seated peacefulness and trust in the unexpected.”


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