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In sha’a’llah

God’s Will

A friend of mine who travelled in Egypt discovered the saying: “In sha’a’llah,” which signifies mindful awareness of the Unseen-will — God’s will.

When we say “Good bye, see you later”, a standard response in Egypt is “In sha’a’ llah,” which means, “I will do my best to fulfil my declaration to return, keeping aware that the best laid plans are ultimately in God’s hands.”

One of the prevailing setbacks that afflict people is the attachment to expectations, when and how, and the need to know what is going to happen.  This level of uncertainty and fear of the unknown affects one’s health, anxiety and sleep, because optimal health and sleep requires letting go into trust.

How have we become so disconnected from Source that we reject God’s will? We resist surrendering to the Creator’s presence in our lives, and yet when we do let go it brings about so much relief.

Natural Order

We live in a world that has become disconnected from natural order, an artificial world dominated by the pressure to manifest exactly what we want when we want it, not to mention having to know what we want and perfect it in a manner of time deemed acceptable by our social standards.

We have forgotten that we are infinite beings that are intrinsically part of divinity, and that what we yearn for is made manifest out of our union with spirit, not out of willful ascertain and expectations.

It’s only when we commit fully to the sacred, to the ecstatic pulse of what wants to grow us, breathe us, and fulfil us, that we are opened to life’s perfection, because we are no longer looking for the imperfect.

Channelled Message

“Now is the time to trust in the unknown. You have no choice; life demands it.

“You want answers? … Stop seeking outside of yourself. You need support? … Open your arms. You’re afraid of failing? … Good, now take a risk.

“The first risk: Let go of self-criticism, and judgment of others. Let go of making excuses. Let go of saying no.

“Second risk: Say yes! And do that over and over again. Say yes to your brilliance, even if you don’t see it. Say yes to healing, even though you may be discouraged. Say yes to life, even when you don’t want to live, especially when you don’t want to live. Say yes to life deserving your faith. Say yes to faith.

“Why? Oh because every cell in your body needs your full-hearted commitment to life every single day, every hour, every minute, every second.” Why? For the purpose of thriving, loving, being in love, feeling alive and on being purpose — for the sake of joy.”

Excerpt from “Santiago”

“The road seen, then not seen, the hillside
hiding then revealing the way you should take,
the road dropping away from you as if leaving you
to walk on thin air, then catching you, holding you up,
when you thought you would fall – and the way forward
always in the end, the way that you came, the way
that you followed, that carried you into your future,
that brought you to this place, no matter that
it sometimes had to take your promise from you,
no matter that it always had to break your heart
along the way: the sense of having walked
from far inside yourself out into the revelation,
to have risked yourself for something that seemed
to stand both inside you and far beyond you…”

~ David Whyte, from Pilgrim
©2012 Many Rivers Press



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