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Cultivating a Healthy Relationship With Spirit

Out of Sync with divine timing

One of the major conditions that affect many people today is cancer. Either someone has or has had cancer, or there has been a death of a loved one due to cancer.

Masiandia has mentioned that the illness is not part of divine order; it is not in alignment with the larger picture of humanity’s role on earth.

Cultivating a Healthy Relationship with Our bodies

Masiandia says that we need to raise our consciousness, raise our sense of value, and enrich our lives with greater vitality.

Cancer is based on poverty conditioning. We are starving our body, our minds and our lives from higher vibrational energy and sustenance. Even most of our food is devoid of vital nutrients.

We must awaken our body and mind to a more fulfilling relationship with life, and become replenished by the foods we eat, the people we surround ourselves with, the environments we engage in and the relationship we cultivate with our own selves.

“Stop the words now.
Open the windows in the center of your chest,
and let the spirit fly in and out.”
~ Rumi

Channelled Message

“You have not come onto this planet, in this lifetime, to suffer and be alone. We want to support you in opening your receiving channels to manifest deeper meaning and purpose in your lives.

“Who are you beyond time and space, beyond limitations, beyond fear? You are whole and joined by a soul-family that serves to support your deepest joy and surrender.

“Your greatest purpose lays in that connection – to the essence of who you are. Awaken to your purpose, not based on what you do for a living, not focused on what you achieve in life, but in tapping into the wellspring of your inner resonance – your true voice and soulful expression.

“There is an epidemic situation concerning cancer and the lack of awareness concerning cancer. For one, cancer is a bi-product … it is not the actual problem. The more that scientists and doctors focus on cancer, it mutates, changes, and grows, and unfortunately, the core issue is not addressed.

“The problem is emotional exhaustion, acute anxiety and the deprivation of vital nutrition. For many people, the physical, mental, emotional body is undernourished, while the spiritual body is ignored. The human being is under siege, struggling to maintain balance while being undervalued, and expected to thrive under adverse conditions, addiction, and coping behaviour.

“We cannot say just how frequently we hear people make excuses for their coping patterns; they don’t have time to eat properly; they abuse their body with alcohol because it feels good; ah it’s so hard to say no, they don’t set boundaries because they are afraid to hurt someone’s feelings; they stay late at work and don’t take time off work because they can’t afford it. Really?

“The human being has forgotten that three-dimensional reality is not as it seems … It is, in fact, fluid and changeable, but by perceiving it through a limited framework, the reality is thus limited.

“By seeing the body and mind as a victim of circumstances, you are powerless to choose what you want and who you are, thus you lessen the very fabric of your health and vitality, and the health and vitality for all of humanity.

“Health starts in your own perceptions of reality; it starts with you valuing you. If you deny your needs because of control, fear, pressure, fatigue, and excuses, you inevitably create adverse psychological and physiological situations that impede your body, mind and soul from receiving proper nourishment.

“Health starts in your gut, in your internal flora and in an alkaline system, maintained by honouring your self-value. With self-deprivation, self-neglect, and self-criticism, you create an acidic environment that breeds ill health, which depletes your immune system and it prevents your body from storing higher vibrational energy.

“You must clear your thoughts and focus on feeding your body whole vital food, whole vital thoughts, whole vital support!

“We’re not talking about preventative care. We’re talking about collective humanity that needs to stop abusing the body and start living a life that takes into account the spirit. That’s what’s missing! How can the body thrive, how can the mind thrive … without spirit? It’s impossible!

“We know – it’s not easy. Well, that is what we hear your minds say over and over again. The human mind is so convinced that to take care of the body and to honour the self is really hard work. But that is an illusion.

“Re-patterning the self for care and mutual respect … is not hard. Honouring the body, changing one’s diet, focusing on healthy living, raising one’s consciousness … is not hard. It’s a matter of choice, being open to, surrendering to … spirit.

“The human being has forgotten that he/she is not meant to travel this life-path alone. The spirit can play a much larger role than it is currently allowed to, but that requires humanity’s curiosity and willingness to change.


“By being more than your human frailties, more than your fear, more than your shame …. By being more than a disciplinary force that evaluates your progress. Welcome your spirit by being a none-judgemental witness that oversees every facet of your life.

“Be the witness that calls in your spirit through prayer, to draw from the inexhaustible well of Divine sustenance and support. Through prayer, meditation, commitment, openness, willingness to learn and grow and evolve, you enter into harmony with all life.”

“You don’t stand a chance against my prayers.
You don’t stand a chance against my love.”
~ Robbie Robertson


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