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Prayerful Living | The Power of Intent

Living prayerfully gifts the world with a new energy of consciousness. It is an intention to live more fully, breathe more deeply and love what is all around us.

As we trust the integrity of our prayers and our growing awareness, we tap into the wisdom of our soul and receive its blessings. It is these blessings that we then give to the world; We imbue our body, our life, relationship, work… with the love of and grace of spirit.

With prayer, we ‘see’ in one another, and in ourselves, the great beauty of God, Goddess, and All That Is.

“To pray is an act of power because it is an agreement between human and the divine, and we invest our faith in that agreement. Through our faith, we gain the courage to take action, we move one step closer toward the manifestation of or desires.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz, in Prayers

Channeled message

“Prayers are powerful; dispersing outmoded energy patterns, not only for yourselves, but also for all that surrounds you: people, objects, nature, and the unseen. Through your prayers, you serve all of humanity, as well as spirit-consciousness. You serve parallel universes, multi-dimensions of reality and time: past, present and future lives, all existing simultaneously.

“Look within yourself and see that at the very core of your prayer is intimate and innocent honesty. Look at your lives, careers, work, families, home, recreation, relationships and children for that honesty.

“Consider for a moment all that you want from your surroundings, and then ask yourselves, what do you bring to your surroundings and the people in your lives? You live in a world where there is so much emphasis on your needs in relationships, focusing on how people can meet those needs.

“Your wish lists are long and seemingly impossible to achieve. They are absolutely impossible to achieve if you continue to seek outside of yourselves, struggling in the hope that your needs will be met by others.

“How can anyone meet your needs when you yourself neglect your own core value?

“In everyone’s heart is the same prayer – the prayer for Honesty. You must know that to pray is to be in contact with yourself; it is a spiritual practice of self-revelation, interconnection with the source of your divinity and self-value.

“Prayers are brought to life with joy, excitement, intrigue, curiosity and love, grown from the root of honesty, not unmet needs. And when you connect with your prayers, you connect with your soul – it’s purpose.

“Ultimately, you connect with you, not your need to be fulfilled externally. In this way, your needs are always met, because you are aligned with a profound remembering of your worthiness – you are aligned to your soul vibration.

“Notice we are not describing the prayer as something you wish for, but as something that just is. Prayer is everything that you are; therefore everything you are simply is prayer. Pray to remember that you are part of divinity.

“Pray to enjoy your own company. Pray as meditation, healthy eating, and exercise, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness, and creativity.

“Pray when you walk and breathe just because there is something holy and joyful that occurs when you pay close attention to your body motions and you’re breathing; you discover your indispensable system – your body consciousness interconnected with so much more – your sacredness. Prayer to value yourselves.”

“Prayer fulfills the need humans have for God, for inspiration, for affirmation of our own spirits. In prayer, we communicate with the essence of everything that exits, including our own essence.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz, in Prayers


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