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We Need Each Other

We Are Designed To Support One Another

We forget that we are spirit-lured – we are drawn to one another for a larger purpose than any of us can ever truly know.

We need each other. We are designed to be of service and to need each other’s support in order to evolve together.

As I write this blog, two close friends are working with my husband in the back hard bucking a tree. It’s hard work and they’re laughing and feeling strong.

The yard was severely neglected before we moved in last Spring, and now much work needs to be done. I recall feeling so small and overwhelmed when I initially thought of everything that had to be done.

Today, I’m feeling cared for and the land is exuding powerful energy of unity. The earth spirit gave us permission; she told us that the land and trees are ready for this yard’s next stage of evolution.

Together, we serve a larger purpose than our own; we honour our relationship with the land.

Community Spirit

We’re so accustomed to doing things for ourselves that when we cannot, we then perceive our need for help as a sign of unworthiness, rather than as a way in which someone else can join us, help us, and be purposeful in our life.

Our need actually sustains another person’s need to give, share, expand and grow. We need intimacy, connection, community, and mutual support, which serve a larger purpose than we can ever fathom.

For instance, my need to channel and share the spiritual teachings can meet your need to be touched by Spirit and uplifted, and maybe it will even expand you into a new consciousness.

A child’s need for attention helps the adult learn to slow down and play. A spouse’s need for communication teaches his/her spouse to listen.

A dancers self-expression serves another person’s need for beauty.

Confirmation and Support

We need each other, and it is with that in mind that I reached out to a small group of participants from a workshop I attended, who’s support has brought me an enormous amount of confirmation about my upcoming book, Mystical Intimacy.

What struck one person is the flow and music in my writing. For another it is the vulnerability and love in the words from the Spirit Guides and myself. For one participant, reading the manuscript brought home a sense of relaxation and remembering pure joy.

This feedback gives me hope and courage—it serves to generate the energy and understanding I need to move forward, and in turn my reaching out to them welcomes them into on my heart-felt adventure.

I’m still searching for a publisher and learning the ropes about publishing and marketing. Stay tuned – the book is truly a gift that I long to share with you. It’s coming!

Channelled Message

“You need love and support like you need oxygen. Breathe, breathe, and breathe it in more. Let love in, let it renew you and remind you of your eternal worth.

“You have not come to this planet, in this body and mind, to be alone.

“You have not come here to be the only expert on who you are, defended and protected from the influences of others.

“You have not come here to be the best version of you at the expense of neglecting your innocence and frailties.

“You have come here to love and be loved.”



Our your needs being met?
Do you feel valued and wanted?

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