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It’s A Jungle Out There

Wilderness Adventure

Travelling in Malaysia, on Borneo, I spend a few days exploring the Kinabatangan River. Besides sightseeing wildlife and luckily coming across Pigmy elephants, I walked through a dense muddy jungle, wearing leech socks in high gumboots. 

A few days later, I also explored a longer trek in Danum Valley, and warily flicked off leaches from my clothing, happy to later not find any under my clothes. Truth is I got my guide and my partner to flick them off for me, as I was a bit of a wimp, screeching a few times. Nevertheless, I did it and found profound spiritual meaning amongst the diversified wilderness.

In the dense forest, the air was filled with fever-steamed humidity, the heat of the sun-drenched by monsoon rain, left the air heavy with fragrances and moody exhaustion. My excitement flittered away into the surrounding foliage strewn with interlinking suspended roots and vines.

Even the spirit of the forest had a strange presence, a demanding, devouring essence, ready to climb into and through whoever dared walk its buddy ground and furtive tree-scape.

Eco-system of Life and Death

The jungle is alive with a vast eco-system of life and death, where death is constantly giving itself over to new life. A tree rotted by termites becomes a fertile means for roots to hold on to. A thick vine literally borrows its way through trees.

The giant Dipterocarp tree is only rooted in the earth for about 4 feet, needing wide buttresses to ground itself, but can only grow to great heights when supported by the strangling fig tree and Leanna vines. The support of these enclosing figures will in time kill the host tree, leaving hallow spaces in between the climbing fig tree and the gnarly, curled and suspended limbs of the wooded vines.

It is believed by tribal people that the largest, dead Dipterocarp tree, is the spirit of the forest. It is indeed a ghost who’s form is still present, contoured by the shape that the new growth has taken.


Surrounded by so much turmoil; nature feeding on nature yet simultaneously supporting a greater purpose, induced in me a desire to surrender. I was humbled and deeply honoured to give myself over, to let my old self dissolve and be renewed, held up by the forces that change me.

I walked out of the dense forest onto a more travelled path, filled with a sense of immense power, recognizing in the earth’s living-organism the magical properties of release and renewal.

I could leave so much behind and it would become fodder for new life; the old impurities seeping deep into Gaia’s land, cleansing my body and soul, to be reborn into a new form, a new earth expression.

Photo by Vern Minard


“The most important thing

is to be able at any time

to sacrifice what we are

for what we could become.”

~ Charles Dubois


Channelled Message:
The Law Of Nature

“Who sees in the vast landscape of your life the true meaning of everything? Who recognizes the fertile ground and plants the seed of devotion and fulfillment, and harvest the abundance and eternal grace? Who cares for the forest, the mountain and sky, the garden of your life, which is your body, your holy temple and purpose? You do!

“There is no place like home in your body temple – your inner landscape – your own beautiful sanctuary. Look within you and tell us what you see?

“Is there a landscape sparse and harsh with little nourishment, a land deprived of water, a field unkempt and abandoned … or a body whole, a soul united with its earth from, cherished and loved?

“Are you in harmony with your inner landscape or are you lonely for God’s affection, for the Divine’s awakening presence?

“There is no place like home – your holy trinity – the sacred, the human, the path. Your body is an interdimensional, whole and intrinsic organism, made of the beauty and fundamental gift of nature, of Gaia’s womb, weaving your cosmic purpose with your human expression.

“You are the heart, the centre of your universe, the place in which life revolves. You are thus life’s partner, not its controller.

“Everything in your life revolves around your centre, your magnetic core. And everything in your partner’s life: your friend, spouse, sibling, parent, child, co-worker, stranger, revolves around his/her centre of the universe.

“You are thus living from the centre of your world, the pulse of your own life-experience – your own garden of life. And whomever you encounter is doing the same thing, so there can never be just one universe.

“But humanity, as a whole, has co-created a shared experience of reality, encountering each other’s differences through so much difficulty. Partnership with life, with co-existing duality, is most often fraught with strife, misunderstanding and disagreement; it is immersed in fear, afflicted by neglect and abandonment.

“You must come to remember that you have all chosen to incarnate for the purpose of interconnection, unification, and peace. Just as the forest who’s trees are intertwined at the roots, who’s undergrowth creates a rich and diversified blanket of life, you are indeed part of a greater whole.

“And like the trees that are endangered, threatened by deforestation and fires, you are disempowered by a collective misinterpretation of divinity. Disowning the very beauty that makes you a representation and expression of the light, of God, Goddess And All That Is, humanity has forgotten the law of nature.

“The law of nature beholds the relationship between spirit and matter and is forged in truth through speech and action. It is, like the jungle, its own symbiotic authority; a way of living in harmony with all that is.

“The law of nature is Gaia’s offering, a manifestation tool. Unlike positive affirmation, it is a call to surrender your will to higher order, which is the highest thought that explores, recognizes and welcomes your divinity. In this way, you let go into the natural course of everything that you encounter, and you see everything as a magnificent facet of the larger order of things. In this way, there is no judgment, no defence, no derisive discontent; there is only the intricate envelopment of sacred intent.

“When you honour the law of nature, you see reality through the eyes of affection, acceptance and divine will; you see a reality that is made whole by your seeing. This doesn’t mean that reality changes; it means that you see it for what it really is. You no longer see it as the projection of your beliefs, instead you see reality with sacred eyes, sacred intention.

“Your responsibility and your commitment in human form, is to recognize reality through ‘right-seeing’, not trying to change it. ‘Right-seeing’ is a way of beholding the beauty, the magic and ‘truth’ in everything always and forever.

“We are sharing this with you for one purpose, one important reason … to guide you in living life in harmony with nature, thus rejecting nothing, because ‘everything’ in life is part of nature, it is nature’s gift to you, and is part of a larger system of divine order.

“Nothing is ‘not’ divine.

“The law of nature is intrinsically woven into everything that flows or gets snagged along your path, from blissful reveries and a deep sense of sacred meaning, to obstacle courses, distractions, challenges and loss.

“When you finally let go into the way that is right before you, it all becomes something to cherish and love.

“When reality is cherished and loved, it becomes whole and in harmony with your essence and soul-purpose.

“All that occurs in your life must be welcomed, passed through your seeing presence to return to rightful balance. Balance is not perfection, it isn’t controlling, it is duality interwoven and mutually interdependent – the dark over-shadowing the light, the light illuminating the dark.


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Feature image by Crystal Mirallegro



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  1. Hello Linda, I trust all is well and you and Vern are thriving in Bali. Thank you for sharing such a profound message with me at this time. From your message I have received a message of forgiveness to ones self and also to others. You sometimes need to be strong even if it means the end of something else, such as being the host tree. Once the purpose has been served it is okay to surrender and let go of what no longer serves you. At times we also need to be “strangled” to know it is time to move on and that there is new beginnings, “new growth” ready to take hold. Namaste, Linda

    1. Hi Linda, It’s so lovely to hear from you and to know that my words and Masi’s message is touching you in a profound way. You’re always in my heart … Love and light, Linda

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