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How to Feel Emotions Consciously

Emotions are full of elemental nuances; irrational and fragmented like the wind, watering and meandering but equally forceful, or erratic, fiery and destructive.

These elemental forces are ecstatic expression of all our feelings, bringing profound joy to the most intense emotions, because it is absolutely amazing to give ourselves full permission to feel everything with consciousness.

There is something  powerful and magical that happens when we free our emotions; we discover a richness of soulful connection. Feeling everything with profound acceptance and care is a courageous act because it is so vulnerable. Defenseless, we are accessible, open, allowing, curious, and we look at life-circumstances as opportunities for growth and exploration.

“Never apologize for showing feelings.
Remember that when you do so
you apologize for truth.”
~ Benjamin Disrael

Beyond The Rational Mind

It’s so freeing to eclipse the rational mind, suspend judgement and surrender into the dance of our feelings.

To feel is to flow with the inner mystery of our soul selves, and connect with the world in a new way, a way that transcends the ordinary and encompasses greater joy.

Can you imagine feeling all your emotions with ecstatic pleasure?

For instance, what if feeling anger wasn’t wrong? What if it held a key to uncover your immediate values? What if anger was a warning, a source of support and companionship, not a destructive force?

And what about fear, oh that devil fear that gets buried as deeply as possible or drowned in denial, what if it too were a guiding force, a way to connect with our needs?

Embracing Fear

In one of my workshops, the theme of fear and the need to make peace with fear was woven into a group process. One of the participants expressed what she was afraid of, and we all listened intently. To her surprise, as she connected with the feeling in a deep visceral way she felt something occur within her that took most of the tension away. She was no longer afraid of feeling the fear. And she said to us, “It’s beautiful … fear is so beautiful.”

She was guided to give the fear to the cells of your body, to your DNA, and her breathing deepened. The spirit’s said, “Drop inside so that you can see the fear inwardly and outwardly at the same time. How does the fear feel now?” they asked. “It’s dissolved” she responded. “That is what happens to fear when you are kind to it,” Masiandia explained, “when you don’t reject it, when there is no judgement.”

Channelled Message

“The turmoil of one’s inner demons must not be ignored. Fear, insecurity, pain, anger, shame, sadness and hurt must not be overridden by reason or washed away by positive thinking.

“Positivity is life-affirming when it does not drown out instability and fear, when it acts as a catalyst for change by gracefully engaging with human experience.

“Acceptance of one’s feelings is the doorway to a deep and rich connection with soul; it links intellectual knowledge with spiritual wisdom.

“But what can you do in the face of debilitating fear? Know that it is only a façade, and behind the wall of fear is a well of beingness ready to encompass its true form.

“Feel your fear, embrace it with the certainty that it is your best friend; it is your greatest ally for it is the nemesis of all-consuming love.

“Fear and love are one, a continuous exchange of the contrasts in life, just like night and day, dark and light, and death and re-birth. Fear is your beautiful and complex shadow.

“Surrender to the flame of your spirit by celebrating its adversity, its reverse reflection. Celebrate your fear so that it can finally be held in the sanctity of your devotion – your utmost presence. In this way, fear is but a facet of your human experience that like everything in life needs love.

“Take your fear the deepest reaches of your underlying beliefs and conditioning, and then give it to your soul-purpose, so that you can find within your distress a more resilient, forgiving and gentle demeanor, a way of life that absorbs all life, and transforms everything into the alchemy of radiance and faith in your divinity.”

The state of mind can be understood by watching it but never trying to shake it,
never taking sides, never justifying, condemning, or judging –
which means watching it without any choice.
~ Bruce Lee


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