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The Heart of Communication

Communication is the heart of all our interactions, as it cultivates in-depth intimacy and beauty. It is a way of shifting polarities, transforming struggle and conflict into harmonious connections.

This requires a slower pace, taking the time to know each other, and become in tune with what is occurring around us through non-judgemental witnessing.

None-judgemental Witnessing

Something miraculous happens when we observe reality with an open mind and heart; we listen with intent, interest and compassion; we set aside our evaluating judgements, opinions and our need to fix things.

The non-judgmental witness does not control his/her feelings or dampen the felt-sense experience of others to avoid discomfort and pain. The non-judgmental witness is open to possibility, growth and healing.

The reward of the non-judgmental witness is the art of encountering magic; being surprised by life’s mysteries, and truly knowing thyself and others. It’s a way of life steeped in learning, evolving and love.
Photo by Vern Minard

“Stop the words now.
Open the windows in the center of your chest,
and let the spirit fly in and out.”
~ Rumi

Channelled Message

“Living harmoniously with spirit is the key to beautiful communication, for how can your spirit cause any conflict? It’s your limited human experience, your fearful ego that gets caught up in duality, rather than enjoying it.

“Your differences are points of reference, ways in which to learn from one another, not blame each other. The polarities that occur in your life are an intrinsic part of your soul purpose, drawing together life-experiences, people, situations, family dynamics and personal healing processes, to support karmic balancing.

“Everything is eminently woven together to support the larger whole. Universal consciousness, Earth consciousness, Spirit and matter, all join together to co-create the energy ecosystem that sustains life.

“As part of the Universal ecosystem, the Earth supports myriads of interrelated elements that sustain your incarnation. This means that you are never separate and alone, that your encounters are always part of a larger purpose.

“When you try to control your life and that of others, you inevitably act out programmed survival mechanisms that hamper you and others from the free flow of Universal consciousness and life-vitality.

Tapping into the innate communication which exists between your spirit and your body’s cell nucleus is paramount for vitality and grace.

“The more you suspend your rational mind’s need to understand and relinquish control, you allow an inner dialogue with Spirit to occur within you. Without the mind’s interference, you completely ‘change’ the DNA structure of your cells, because your spirit has the ability to transform your physiology.

“That is the inherent magnificence about incarnation; it is in joining spirit with earth matter that the two perform miracles together.

“Let your spirit join your human experience by taking the necessary time to enfold yourself in kindness. Kindness, gentleness, self-acceptance, acceptance of others, is the key. By being compassionate with yourself and others, you embody your divinity, fill the cells of your body with vitality and invite reciprocity.”


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