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Looking for balance? It’s all about fine-tuning your energy

“You are each holy and magnificent instruments of the Divine, designed to express your highest purpose in both order and chaos, familiarity and utter unknown.” ~ Masiandia

Returning to balance requires small adjustments, like the fine tuning of an instrument.

We are magnificent instruments for devotional love and deep soulful resonance. We have the potential to radiate our beautiful resonance by first taking care of ourselves, just like the Stradivarius violin that is thought to be one of the most beautiful instruments, yet is temperamental and needs constant string-adjustments.

“You are each meant to express God’s wisdom within your own personal growth, your path of evolution, like an intricate melody that completely embodies divinity. And like an instrument, you are affected by change and need to realign constantly.” ~ Masiandia

By making refinements to our energy, we allow our instrument—our human nature—to express its infinite beauty. It’s these small tunings that connect us to our truth and authentic expression, and support us in connecting with others in more co-creative and affirmative ways.

We exchange energy with our surroundings on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Stringed instruments are affected by the environment. Depending on moisture content, the sound of instruments changes dramatically because wood is an organic material that exchanges moisture with the surrounding air. We are organic in nature and exchange energy with our surroundings on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Our human-instrument is permeated and imprinted by our collective reality.

We are affected by other people’s behavior as well as our own. From our immediate surroundings to interconnections we share with the entire globe, weather patterns, seasonal changes, work demands and challenges, our human-instrument is permeated and imprinted by our collective reality.

It’s up to us to choose how we wish to interact with these energies. Do we awaken and nurture our brilliance, or do we go back to sleep, into deep unconscious denial of who we truly are?

Nurturing our brilliance, playing, rejoicing, being honest, risk taking… frees our inner resonance.

Violins are known to go to sleep if not played for a long time. Their sound dampens, becoming less bright. It’s hypothesized that the wood contracts and that it is the vibration of playing that softens the texture of the acoustic. The same is true for us; we go to sleep if not inspired. Our resonance diminishes, becoming less vibrant and purposeful. When we go to sleep, we forget our sacredness and say “No” to the Divine that is within us and all around us. We neglect to love every facet of ourselves.

Imagine for a moment a musician handling his/her instrument with impatience? What would become of the music if the instrument was mistreated? How can our human hearts be any different?

By refining our energy we free our voice; we express our truth; we create from the heart and are renewed.

How do you fine tune your instrument?

With gentleness.

We are not meant to be pressured, evaluated, made wrong, defended… We are meant to be celebrated as we are, and to free the true expression of our infinite beauty.

Perfectly Good Instrument
Except from my Mystical Intimacy

Channeled message on Spiritual Commitment

 “Spiritual commitment is the willingness to return to harmony. It is a path of being-ness that accepts and honours reality as it is and simultaneously changes reality with the presence of your devotion.

“Your spiritual commitment is powerful medicine that has the potential to completely change reality because it is not interested in repeating the old story. Because the need for change is vital, any level of readjustment is welcomed, even a small one.

“And there is no need to overhaul your entire life—just as there is no need to throw away a perfectly good instrument—unless you are set on rejecting everything about yourself.

“You are beautiful beyond words. To us, you are God, therefore there is nothing to reject. You are a sacred part of the whole of divinity.” ~ Masiandia

by Sheila Black

You must use the body – its curves,
its hollows, the spring of the sound, which
brings back what is absent, what has
been and is now gone, fading. Cat-gut,
fret, the busy machinery of longing,
which takes its strength from the
presence of absence, the body’s darkness,
the wood carved out, thinned and
made to flex. There is a pain at the
source of it – so easily broken, this tree
without a heart, the sap dried to amber
patina. Only in the sound can you
hear it move, the veins in the blood of
the body that is no more. The bow pulled
along the taut strings, a pitch that
is all but unbearable.

Re-tuning Meditation

Sit or lay down in a comfortable position, and let the sound of your breathing quiet your mind. Notice the quality of the intake of air—the light pressure lifting upward through your nostrils, the slight pull at the back of your throat, and the taste it leaves in your mouth. Notice the sensation of releasing the breath, the quality of surrender. Can you exhale completely before breathing in again?

When you take in your next inhalation, bring your awareness to the sound in the room, perhaps the ticking of the clock, maybe the dripping of water, the sound of electronic humming, or a soft piece of music lulling your senses.

I’m sure there are sounds outside of the space you are in too, maybe in the hallway, the next room, and the outdoors.  Perhaps you can hear the singsong of birds, street noises, the mowing of the lawn, voices, a plane in the far distance…

You can let all the sounds begin to create the space that you are in, the space that holds you as closely as the surface you are sitting or laying on. These sounds and sensations can become the peripheral space that reminds you to journey within—to go into your inner quiet.

Let every nuance that surrounds you guide you inwards into your inner space—your inner silence.

It is so relaxing to rest inside the space that is created by your life—to linger in the resonance that exists at the heart of your experience. Rest as deeply as you need to, slowly immersing yourself in your zone of inner comfort and beingness.

Your inner domain… your peaceful sanctuary… allows you to retune your vibration. Here you can connect with your own resonance and recalibrate your subtle energies—the sound of your spirit—the sound of your body and soul, and let yourself sink deeper and deeper into just being.

Rest for as long as you need, as long as you can, as long as feels right. Rest knowing that you’re allowed to and that this is the way you return to you. This is the way you can play your instrument with exquisite mastery.

Let your vibration… your sense of inner resonance… emerge gently… in perfect harmony.

When you return to an awakened state of alertness… when its time to return to your day to day activity… take a moment to feel your body energy, sense your thoughts and emotions… and breathe.


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