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How to shift out of limiting beliefs that prevent you from healing

“When you believe something is hard or impossible, the universe demonstrates the difficulty, When you believe something is easy, the universe demonstrates the ease” – Abraham, channeled by Ester Hicks

Many people know that their beliefs play a large role with their health and well-being, yet most people don’t realize that they have a choice in the matter. It’s easy to identify with pain, confusion, and powerlessness when we don’t know what to do about it, and especially when we judge ourselves for our health and emotional issues. It’s bad enough to have reoccurring migraines, a chronic condition, struggles and limitations, but then we compound the situation by shaming ourselves. Every situation and condition requires acceptance and love in order to heal and return to balance.

A limiting belief compounds pain and suffering, such as the thought that we’re alone and that the situation is too intense or too overwhelming to break free from. Our suffering becomes the culprit for lack of power, rather than the body’s signal showing us what it needs for support.

When we learn to listen to our body instead of overshadowing it with disbelief and oppression, pain becomes a resource for self-realization and authentic expression.

We heal when we become open to healing. We achieve our full potential when we are open to the grace of our being.

Every life experience is showing us the way back to ourselves, even pain and distress. It only seems like it’s an outside force that is against us and trying to ruin our lives, or that suffering is the manifestation of our unworthiness. It is not! Pain has no other motive than to be a strong call from within guiding us back home to ourselves because that is the only way to return to balance and well-being.

The key to shifting out of limiting beliefs is accepting what is going on in our lives with complete willingness, even if that means being willing to accept our unwillingness. Only in that way can resistance transform into deep harmony.

How to return to you when you feel overwhelmed, angry, afraid, confused…

Because many of us haven’t been taught how to embrace every part of us without trying to control or change them, we tend to get overwhelmed by the intensity of our own sensory experiences.

It’s important for those of us that feel a lot and experience high levels of sensory stimuli to balance our energy. This means shifting out of limiting perceptions of reality by lessening the intensity of the stimuli.

It’s very challenging to surrender to our pain if the pain is caused by an overwhelming bombardment of energy. The trick here is to not over-identify with our distress or the stimuli.

However, highly sensitive people tend to feel responsible for the energies they feel and therefore try to resolve it, rather than lessen the intensity. That is like being in a room where there is more than one radio and television turned on, playing multiple stations at the same time, and then trying to figure out and follow what’s playing on those stations. It’s necessary to let most of those stations recede in the background and the only station left is the one you actually want to hear. A great resource for balancing your energy is Managing Psychic Abilities: A Real World Guide for the Highly Sensitive Person, by Mary Mueller Shutan

That brings us back to choice! You can heal. You can lessen the overwhelm. You can transform limiting beliefs by no longer believing them, by embracing all that you are and all your experiences. Let the limiting beliefs recede in the background while your truth comes into focus.

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