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Transformational Healing, Part Two: Why It’s so Important to trust and follow your own natural pace.

Transormational Healing

Healing is not a commodity. You can’t trade it on the stock market. You can’t sell it in a store. You can’t easily package and market it. And it can’t be controlled. Healing is ultimately a way of life, not the manifestation of our will power. No matter how much we try to force our way, healing does not fit into our expectations. We can’t rush healing any more than we can dig out a seed to see if it’s…

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You have the power to change reality.

I channeled a water message a year ago in response to the wild fires in Western Canada and the US. I think the message is relevant today, as fires blaze in the Okanagan. Water Meditation: Shifting energy with Forgiveness. Channelled Message “You all have the power to change reality – you have the power of prayer which rebalances energy, and therefore returns weather patterns into a balanced state. “Join us in a meditative journey where you embody change in order…

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Transformational Healing, Part One: Essential non-linear activation of your multidimensional DNA code.

One of my clients told me that she can barely explain to people what she experiences in session. She said, “My mind listens, but it’s my body that understands.”  How can one share what the body knows with the language of the linear mind when healing occurs multidimensionally and within the sensory body. When people ask about the healing experience, it can be so difficult to explain because your experience is uniquely your own and healing is essence non-analytical.  The…

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How to choose the right coach, counsellor, mentor or healer that can support your unique and authentic expression.

Have you been told that you're too sensitive or too emotional, or too intense?   One of my clients recently told me that she is too intense and too direct. “That's what people say about me,” she added. “You’re too intense?” I repeated with a question mark. She replied, “I'm too big! I’m just too much for people!” I smiled on the inside because I had the thought, “me too.” Then I said to her, “but I love that about…

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The power of shadow-work, how to open through the heart of pain and connect with your true essence.

By welcoming your shadow, you recognize its beauty and gift, and help it transform into deep peace. We have learned to seek refuge from our shadow—to deny its rightful place in our lives. We shun what we don’t understand. But when we push the unseen under, we become overshadowed even more by the unseen as well as our rejection of it. Releasing the shadow requires deep surrender; it necessitates the willingness to open our door and let it in. It…

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How Listening Can Change Your Life.


“God is always communicating to us!” I heard these words from a dear friend not long ago. I find it particularly exciting when I hear others reflect the essential message that is in my book, which is that every life-experience, felt-sense and relationship is a source of guidance. It’s by listening that we come to receive and understand the guidance. Life-experiences provide us with countless messages that can open us to who we are, to what we truly want and…

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Is Self Neglect Getting in Your Way.

Feature Image By Stefan Keller

Is self-neglect getting in your way? Learn how to care for your unmet needs. A lot of spiritual folk are under the impression that “needs” are wrong. They believe that needs are ego-driven and that one should be above them. In the pursuit of enlightenment, people have come up with the idea that needs are a human frailty and that being spiritual requires selflessness and perfection. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The need to be heard, for instance,…

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How to free your genetic matrix – the patterns passed down through generations.


As we transition into a New Year, it can be a time for new beginnings – a time for dreaming. I’m hearing a lot of people declare their enthusiasm for a special and fulfilling year to come, with strong aspirations towards what they want in life. In her blog article: Begin Anew, Pam Weidenhammer has a unique approach that I find refreshing. She likes to bring in the New Year by thinking about what she might like to accomplish in…

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What is the difference between Counselling and Life-Coaching?

Counselling Life-Coaching

I know a lot of colleagues and friends that are in the life-coaching profession, whom I have a lot of respect for and whose work inspired and provoked this article on the differences and similarities between life-coaching and counselling. My intention is to understand both the differences and similarities because coaches tend to compare their work to counselling in their description of what coaching is, however their comparisons don’t shed light on what coaches really do. The tendency is to…

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The Secret of how you don’t have to suffer through relationship challenges.


A lot of people struggle in relationship with personal issues that can easily be addressed in couple's counselling.   Why, why, why then do people believe that they have to do this alone? So many of my clients are in relationship with partners who do not want to see a counselor. There is such a huge fear of being made wrong. But a counselor's role is not to take sides; his/her role is to see all sides and bring awareness to…

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