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Vibrational Medicine: BodySOUL Energy Renewal



Vibrational Medicine:
BodySOUL Energy Renewal, Purpose and Intent

Energy renewal is ultimately about living prayerfully.

Energy renewal is a meditative approach to life and a meditation practice and is ideal for persons who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and for those who are highly sensitive empaths.

The BodySOUL Energy Renewal course is centered on clearing your energy and opening your receptivity to who you truly are, so that you can establish the clarity you need in order to maintain your balance and well-being in a sea of stimulation and stressors.

The courses is all about stepping aside into the light, which means shifting your point of reference, your perception of reality … by raising your vibration.

In this audio course, I share practices designed to…

  • Clear your energy field and expand your personal space.
  • Open your receiving channel so that you can connect with your inner guidance and get the love and support you need in order to thrive.
  • Support integration between your human nature and your soul-essence, so that you can be at peace with who you are.

The practices support what I call the cosmic marriage between humanity and Divinity. It’s where non-duality exists – it’s the state of wholeness the soul seek to embody.

The practices are designed to help you integrate your body and spirit into a strong unified whole and magnetize your vibration, so that you can broadcast a more authentic expression of who you truly are in your life.

As a bonus, I channeled a message on the theme of Forging a bond with Spirit, and remodeling your life through intention and devotion.

Running time: 1 hour 40 mins

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