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Vibrational Medicine: BodySOUL Energy Mastery Self-observation Practice



Vibrational Medicine:
BodySOUL Energy Mastery Self-observation Practice

We receive the guidance of Spirit when we are opened to that guidance.


That takes self-observation – a practice of deepening into your physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual experience.

The Self-observation practice is designed to attune your physical self with your higher spiritual consciousness, so that you can be opened to your inner resources and evolve the way you observe reality and your relationship to reality.

In this Energy Mastery course, I will be sharing a practice of self-observation that helps to make room for your soul-essence.

I begin with an explanation on how Energy Mastery is based on Vibrational Medicine and how it can be used as a self-observation practice. In further tracks I will share how Vibrational Medicine focuses on re-balancing your whole-body systems by attuning the physical with your higher consciousness, followed by the Self-observation practice in detail.

The Energy-Mastery course offers you a practice for becoming aware of your authentic self. Through self-awareness you become a compassionate witness who sees and senses so much more. Through self-awareness, you release ancient stories and concepts that have been passed down through generations. You become present and willing to engage with life whole-heartedly, rather than react to it. In this way, you change the way you look at things, and therefore the things you look at change.

Running time: 1 hour 25 mins

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