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Meet Linda & Masiandia

My approach

My name is Linda L. Nardelli. I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC), Master Therapeutic Counsellor (MTC) and Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHT). These different designations combined with channeled guidance and vibrational-medicine allow me to support clients in a wholistic way.

My work is based in Transpersonal Psychology, an approach that integrates the spiritual, transcendent aspects of the human experience within the context of everyday life. 

Personal, relational, health and work-related issues are directly linked with our spiritually. Problems in our lives reflect our conditioned beliefs, our sense of worth, purpose and karma. By restoring the connection between our spirit and human consciousness, we cultivate more meaningful connection with others, and manifest positive outcomes in our lives.

As a counsellor, I facilitate a deep connection with your inner self and assist you in trusting your natural pace for healing. I combine Person-Centered and Trust-oriented Therapies, Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Past-life Regression and Non-Violent Communication techniques (NVC) with Channeling and Vibrational Medicine.

The benefit of my unique integrative approach is the deepening of your relationship with your body, mind and soul. By receiving direct channeled guidance, you can go to the heart of your core-beliefs more quickly, break free from old coping mechanisms, and enhance your personal life and work.

Masiandia’s purpose

Masiandia is the entity that I channel, a group spirit that is here to help us remember who we are. As a bridge to enlightenment, they serve to help us shift limitations into illumination and discovery. They are agents of change, teaching us how to move beyond self-deception into self-trust as they support us in caring for our soul purpose.

Their intention is to bring harmony where there is discordance, clarity where there is confusion, expansion where there is contraction, love where there is need.

To find out more about their identity, please read…

What to expect in relationship with Masiandia and me

In both private sessions and in workshops, Masiandia and I work in tandem as co-facilitators. I become the vessel in which Masiandia communicates with you; I help them connect with your human needs and processes, and they in turn raise your vibration so that you can more fully live the life you’re meant to live.

With your self-inquiry, we uncover your limiting core-beliefs and the energy blocks that are in the way of you being whole. Ultimately, we shed light on your essential worth and beauty.

I am blossoming into unthought-of possibilities
“My understandings of myself and the patterns I create in my life have grown immensely. I am never told what to do, yet the information about my health, strengths and weaknesses has led me to a totally different understanding of my life. I am more able to make powerful choices and blossom into previously unthought-of possibilities.”~ Debbi

I have gained so many epiphanies
“When I first received Linda’s Integrative Channelling, it helped me through a very dark time in my life. With the channeled messages and Linda’s counselling, I discovered the link between my core beliefs, my inner child, the energy of emotions, and the illusions of fear. Over the years, I have gained so many epiphanies, I learned to observe my life through less and less judgment, and let go of painful memories and limiting beliefs. With Linda’s amazing, compassionate ability to stay centered and supportive through my resistance and personal struggles, I opened my heart and surrendered my fear.” ~ Rocky

About Linda

My name is Linda L Nardelli. I am a Registered Therapeutic and Master Counsellor and Hypnotherapist, Channeler and Intuitive Healer. I offer an integrative approach that combines channeled guidance with body-centred healing to give you the opportunity to bridge spiritual guidance with your own life-experiences, and to help you heal at your own natural pace.


I offer private sessions in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver BC, and internationally over video-call or phone.
Tel: 1 +604 738 5003

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