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Channeled guidance is a magical tool for healing.
When combined with Somatic-based Counselling, it has the power to transform you.

There is no finer thing in life than being seen and understood by the person who is closest to you.
And that person is you!

Something amazing happens when you see and hear yourself; when you come home to your intrinsic value and needs; when you stop trying to appease other people’s expectations, including your own, and transform into a truer expression of who you are. Then your thoughts, feelings and longing emerge safely in the arms of your conscious presence, creating space in your life for your spirit to enter and guide you.

Are you ready to open yourself to the guidance of your Spirit and experience profound transformation?

Would you like to know what it feels like to shift to a state of self-awareness, self-love and personal empowerment,
and connect with your Soul-essence?

It is my honor to share the teachings of Masiandia with my unique BodySOUL Integration Process to help you liberate yourself and live a fulfilling life.

Discover who you truly are on the other side of obstacles, conflict, dis-ease and pain.

My unique approach combines Channeled Guidance with Therapeutic Counselling, Hypnotherapy, and Healing to free you into higher-consciousness and love, and support deep integration in all areas of your life.

I have attempted many times to write a testimonial for Linda but it becomes a very long story, for she has helped me in so many ways that it’s very difficult to condense it all. So I am just going to tearfully thank her very much for saving my life.
~ Jean

Move beyond familiar perceptions of reality into a greater sense of possibilities.

Mystical Intimacy is an invaluable guide for restoring the connection between your spirit and human nature, and discovering how your humanness is an integral part of awakening.

Steeped in spiritual teachings, this book reveals the inherent wisdom within your thoughts, emotions and felt-senses, and creates a bridge with your soul.

“I wrote the book to share spiritual teachings in a deeply felt and human way to fill a void that I think is missing in many spiritual books today the celebration of being human.”

“So much more than a book – it is a powerful catalyst for transformational healing and spiritual awakening!”

~ Catherine Whelan Costen

About Linda

My name is Linda L Nardelli. I am a Registered Therapeutic and Master Counsellor and Hypnotherapist, Channeler and Intuitive Healer. I offer an integrative approach that combines channeled guidance with body-centred healing to give you the opportunity to bridge spiritual guidance with your own life-experiences, and to help you heal at your own natural pace. 


I offer private sessions in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver BC, and internationally over video-call or phone.

Tel: 1 +604 738 5003

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