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Some Gifts Give Us Wings

The world needs this book…

Back a few months ago, my dear friend Paul honoured me with a special gift—a spiral bound printed copy of my edited manuscript. I was spellbound, completely surprised and could barely find the words to thank him. It struck me as a gift from god; a divinely ordained message that the world needs this book. Well those were Paul’s words, “The world needs this book!”

It is calling to be published…

Paul also gave me a greeting card with a quote from The Dhammapade, sayings of the Buddha. “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” In the card Paul friend wrote, “This book is an inspired and sublime wSpecial giftork of art. A true masterpiece! And it is calling out to be published and in the hands of readers.”

I can’t even begin to put into words how meaningful his gift is, except to say that I’m enjoying immersing myself in reading my manuscript again and that I haven’t stopped underlying passages that I love. My yearning to share it with you is so strong.

Great news

Here’s the great news—I found a midwife—I just signed a publishing agreement with a boutique publishing house in Victoria that is honoured to publish Mystical Intimacy. They are an independent publisher that specializes in the author/publisher relationship and in caring for the integrity of the book. I’m thrilled and looking forward to getting the book into your hands by October 2016.

I am gaining clarity from the book
“I love how Masiandia equates soul longing to soul purpose.  The idea of “longing” being our purpose is quite beautiful.  Also, I am gaining clarity about resistance. Resistance gets in the way of my longing but it also points the way back to longing. I saw resistance as something negative but realize now that it can come from very deep within — from past lives and ancestral patterns.  Understanding that resistance is part of the process helps me navigate my longing and my purpose, as I let go of resistance.”  ~ Zoey Wren, Life Coach, Singer-Songwriter and Sound Healer

Excerpt from Mystical Intimacy
Message about longing

Most often, we associate the feeling of longing with something that we don’t have and never will, or that we have yet to attain. It then becomes a painful dissatisfaction when it can be so much more. In its true essence, longing is a call from within that moves us beyond the collective unconscious, beyond the echoes of the past or the fear of the future. To long is to engage wholeheartedly with life, mesmerized by the feeling-quality of desire, rather than preoccupied with manifesting what is longed for.

By feeling into our longing we welcome it and step out of mental structures that impede the natural evolution of our creative purpose. We never cease to evolve, and like the infant that comes into the world breaking free from the foetal membrane, we must step beyond the deceptions of our veiled selves to become co-creators with our multidimensional souls. This takes patience, persistence and willingness to feel everything in order to renew ourselves.

Channeled Messages

“When you connect inwardly with your longing, you dissolve all the limiting beliefs that prevent you from enjoying and celebrating life. You enter into a soulful encounter with life where your goals become guideposts, not destinations, and you embrace your fears with acceptance and gentleness, as well as celebrate your dreams.” ~ Masiandia

“Longing is not found outside of youit is within you. It is the natural foundation for manifesting the life you want and must be felt internally to realize its potential.” ~ Masiandia


I would love to hear your thoughts on this passage …

What do you long for and how does it feel in your body? What thoughts, feelings, sensations, images … arise from your connection to your longing?


Mystical Intimacy is now available in print and e-book on Amazon






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