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Paris & Brussels, with Love in My Heart

In a world that is terrorized by violent attacks, we can feel so utterly helpless that our mind seeks to judge, retaliate or defend ourselves against the suffering. In an interview on CNN with Anderson Cooper, a young couple who survived the terrorist attack at Bataclan in Paris, turn these thoughts to love. “In the darkest of times, we need to reach to each other with love in our hearts,” the couple shares.

In a blog article titled Paris, Caroline Myss writes, “Every single person is now impacted by the events unfolding in our world.” … “We must face the truth that we are now living in the age of the unimaginable, the unthinkable, and even the unbearable. But it also means we are capable of unimaginable acts of transformation and further that we have been preparing for such acts of goodness.”

That is what the young couple who survived the terrorist in Paris are doing—they are choosing to love the goodness in the world, not stay in fear. They count themselves lucky that they survived the attack and want to honour those that have died by choosing to love the goodness in the world, not hate terrorism.

It’s dangerous to hate.

With hate, we close ourselves off from the true beauty that exists in the world.

Stopping the flow of our love contributes to the violence, because hatred is in essence violent.

We enrich earth-reality with love and courage, and ultimately with our willingness to be completely present and accountable for our actions.

~ Martin Luther King
~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Excerpt from Mystical Intimacy:
Channelled Message

“Each and every one of you is needed on this wondrous and beautiful planet.

“Let yourselves immerse your spirit-consciousness into your daily lives; live as though you have full permission to be powerful, influential, dynamic and authentic. You do have full permission.

“In fact, we challenge you to step into a greater aspect of yourself, to be all that you can be. We invite you. Earth invites you. To do so is your incarnated birthright and an expression of divine law.

“Come join us, surrender, let us guide you, let us help you heal the pain … the fear. Let us free you.

“We are the river of higher-consciousness that is always present, always beckoning you towards your true nature.

“You are the human embodiment of spiritual purpose and love. You possess an inherent ability to return to your inner beauty, and you have the power to heal yourselves, which in turn heals the world.”





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