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Mystic Heart Circle

An online 8-week series, Group Channeling event with Somatic Therapy & Healing for awakened consciousness and deepening your embodied experience of Spirit.

Are you feeling alone, disconnected, and overwhelmed?

Is stress, anxiety, doubt, fear and discouragement getting you down and holding you back?

Are you yearning for integration – to meet life with presence and truly feel the light and joy of your soul?

To connect with your soul-essence and cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself and others, you must realize that you matter. That takes a process of integrating disassociated parts of yourself and uncovering your fundamental needs and longings. Without this vital integration, stress responses get activated and wreak havoc.

Integration is about welcoming all parts of us, those that we like and those we have been working very hard, all our lives, to avoid. In a safe, welcoming and healing environment, these rejected parts can finally come home.

“I was truly amazed at how safe and deeply connected I felt throughout the series. There was so much depth to each and every session! My moment of healing has made such an impact on how I approach every day and every situation in my life. I now have a profound sense of calm where chaos once lived.”
– Lisa

The Mystic Heart Circle is an opportunity to take time out to reconnect with yourself and experience what it feels like to be supported and more grounded.

We live in a world that often pulls us away from who we are. Daily pressures, media, world changes, and the energies of others affect us on many levels and can draw us away from our sense of self and value. Being part of an intentional healing circle and tapping into the synergy between participants is an incredible catalyst for deep healing, personal empowerment and freedom.

The circle is limited to 15 participants

Feel at ease to share and connect.

The small group environment helps create safety and harmonious interconnection so you can move beyond limiting beliefs and patterns, and embrace who you truly are with the support of group participation, mutual understanding and care.

“I am taken so much away from the Mystic Heart series. Each session was ripe with raw humanness and spiritual depth. Learning to listen and hold sacred space for others enriched my self-reflection. I now see my false perception and core beliefs with greater clarity, and my presence of being has grown. Opening my awareness is of the utmost importance to me, and Linda’s facilitation of the group, coupled with the wonderfully poignant channelled messages, has brought that home to me.”

Online 8-week Series

The series provides personal attuned care and time to explore your felt-sense experiences, unravel layers of ancestral trauma and programming, free your spirit and connect with your inner wisdom.

When: Tuesday evenings
Dates to be announced.

6:30-8:30 PM PT

$450 CAD +gst

Please join my newsletter to receive notice of upcoming dates.

Testimonial Video

I am deeply grateful for past participants of the Mystic Heart workshop who kindly joined me to create a testimonial video.

Their sentiment provides a clear understanding of what is possible in the 8-week series. The synergy, shared experience and understanding, and co-creative processes serve to deepen connection with self and others.

The Benefits of the Mystic Heart

In this experiential process-oriented, spiritual and healing environment you will…

  • Have a reflective felt-sense experience of your heart, mind and soul.
  • Discover the innate intelligence of your triggers, upsets, and disturbances.
  • Learn how to lean into unease and uncertainties.
  • Uncover your inner resources and resilience.
  • Sooth the emotional triggers from familial, intergenerational, and cultural distress.
  • Recreate the narrative of your self-image and the way you view reality.
  • Transform fear into courage, anger into love, hurt into knowledge, sorrow into beauty.

 “Every moment in your life is a field of potential awaiting your presence. You must give yourself to it entirely to activate its full potential.” – Masiandia

“The Mystic Heart circle is such a safe space that is inclusive, open and vulnerable. I was surprised by the intimacy considering the online platform, and how connected and present I felt. I was also surprised by the direct guidance for which I am extremely grateful. It was a beautiful event to be a part of, and I look forward to the next one.”
– Thea

What to Expect

The Mystic Heart Circle fosters profound heart connection in a community of mutual learning and support with channeled guidance, spiritual mentoring, individual and group processes, guided meditation/journeying and intuitive shamanic healing.

Together, we create a healing environment that fosters connection and profound revelations.

This is not one of those boring zoom meetings

If you find Zoom meetings mind-numbing, the Mystic Heart Circle is not that. It’s a small group that offers you the opportunity to come back home to yourself, and feel seen and understood. You’re not going to just learn about spiritual embodiment, you’ll experience it!

We honour that wants to emerge naturally

There is no agenda. We welcome what wants to emerge in a co-created and supportive environment. No two events are ever the same. What happens in a group is what needs to happen – what’s right for the participants in the shared space.

“I felt full and nourished after Linda’s online event. I loved the deepening connection to community, to myself and to spirit. I discovered that my existence can do more than I think! It can help as a source of support of confidence to continue on the path that I am and that it is enough.”
– Brittany

Group healing is powerful medicine

The synergy that happens between participants is indispensable for recognizing social coping patterns and for cultivating conscious awareness. When we come together in the spirit of collaboration, we co-create learning and healing experiences that open us to the wonderment and beauty of embodied divinity. We walk the path of the mystic heart.

Mysticism is the communion with divinity that moves you beyond the rational thinking mind into deeper soul revelation. It’s an inner journey towards making peace with your thoughts and feelings and cultivating nurturing presence.

The body is the conduit for connecting with our soul’s essence and an agent for integrating trauma and releasing suppressed energy. The key is to embrace all thoughts and feelings, the inner child, the inner feminine and masculine, and become aware of your true values and needs.

It is my honour to offer you this profound healing journey.

“Linda is like Esther Hicks who channels Abraham, only more applicable, relevant and useful.”
– Jocelyn McCord

“Linda and Masiandia are the real deal – an amazing source of guidance who have revealed my inner truth. I’ve been changed and now have a deeper connection with my soul.”
– Julie

“Linda has a gift for reading the energy of the group and she weaves together an experience that is personal and very relevant. I found the workshop fascinating and inviting, and I loved partaking in the much-needed wisdom and support. I left feeling deeply seen and so grateful for the group energy as a whole.
– Nathalie

“The Group healing was transformative and Linda’s presence powerful and loving, and the channeled messages were so relevant. I felt so seen and acknowledged.” 
– Meriel

“Linda is not afraid to go into intensity with participants – Love is the essence of her work. The gift I take away from the healing is to be open to experience Love and more Love at any moment. Let it in! I understood that it’s in the yearning for Love that we get to feel it, to embody it more.”
– Lyne

“Linda models great presence and love. She always goes to the heart of the matter, and opens your channel to the light.”
– Grace

“I cannot tell you how important the healing that I received is to me.  I am grateful to you Linda and Masiandia for going immediately to the quick of the matter.  No nonsense – just right to it.  Gently but directly.”
– Mary-Anne Thomas

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