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Mystic Heart Cafe

Honouring the path of the mystic and healing into consciousness.

An Online event
Where integrating the spiritual into everyday life is key to fulfilling our sacred contract.

Join one or both dates
Thursday October 21st, 10:00-12:00 (Pacific time)
Thursday October 28th, 6:30-8:30 (Pacific time)

$35 per event

“The mystic’s journey is a way of living in harmony with spiritual integrity. It is a path of being-ness that accepts and honours reality as it is and simultaneously changes reality with the presence of your devotion.”
– Masiandia

We live in a world that often pulls us away from who we are. Daily pressures, media, world changes, and the energies of others affect us on many levels and can draw us away from our sense of self and value.

The Mystic Heart Café is a Group-channeling event that offers you the opportunity to return to you – body, mind and soul.

Come dissolve attachments and conditioned beliefs, and clear and restore your energy in an atmosphere of deep healing and spiritual well-being.

“Linda is like Esther Hicks who channels Abraham, only more applicable, relevant and useful.”
– Jocelyn McCord

What to Expect

In the Mystic Café, we will explore embodied divinity with guided meditation/journeying, energy and process healing, and channeled messages. You will receive guidance and support to enhance your spiritual life and nurture the inherent wisdom within your felt-experiences.

Come discover

  • How to honour your inner mystery in the modern world.
  • Presence, how to move beyond the evaluating mind.
  • Cultivating curiosity, awareness, acceptance, forgiveness.
  • Transcending the old scripts and re-framing your reality.
  • Relationship tools to help you manage emotional triggers.

 “Every moment in your life is a field of potential awaiting your presence. You must give yourself to it entirely to activate its full potential.” – Masiandia

“Linda and Masiandia are the real deal – an amazing source of guidance who have revealed my inner truth. I’ve been changed and now have a deeper connection with my soul.”
– Julie 

Virtual Connection and Synergy

As we navigate a world that is more and more virtual, how do we stay connected? How do we ignite our capacity to feel, relate and evolve together?

These are questions that I bring to this online event. Masiandia has ignited in me a passion to reach out and be available in a way that I can share their teachings and healing gift. They can touch you energetically wherever you are, and they want to touch you, lend beauty, support, insight and deep healing.

Something amazing happens in group work; we form a web of energy-connection, a synergy of mutual relating, support and learning. It’s my joy and my honour to create and hold a sacred space for integration.

“Linda is not afraid to go into intensity with participants – Love is the essence of her work. The gift I take away from the healing is to be open to experience Love and more Love at any moment. Let it in! I understood that it’s in the yearning for Love that we get to feel it, to embody it more.”
– Lyne

“Linda models great presence and love. She always goes to the heart of the matter, and opens your channel to the light.”
– Grace

“I cannot tell you how important the healing that I received is to me.  I am grateful to you Linda and Masiandia for going immediately to the quick of the matter.  No nonsense – just right to it.  Gently but directly.”
– Mary-Anne Thomas

“The group-channeling was transformative and Linda’s presence powerful and loving, and the channeled messages were so relevant. I was left feeling seen and acknowledged.” 
– Meriel

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