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New Covid Regulations And Our Collective Fear

Meeting these Unprecedented Times with Grace and Dignity

What if the new Covid regulations and our collective fear of separation could actually help us transcend our habitual perception of reality? What is ultimately needed is an interest to learn from one another, accept each other as is, and ascend into our hearts and souls.

As further Covid restrictions continue to take place in Canada, I am seeing a wave of concern in my healing practice regarding vaccine passports. The growing division in the media, communities, friends, and family has stirred up many emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and discord.

These unprecedented times affect all of us.

Observing my clients and my own reflections have spurred me to write about these unprecedented Covid times, even with my own trepidation around expressing my concerns.  These mandates affect both our personal freedom and our collective social needs, so as always, I seek a way to find a source of purpose and beauty within them.

The concerns I am witnessing are extremely diverse. Some people are horrified by the violence towards governing bodies, schools, teachers, and first responders. Some nurses and doctors are leaving their jobs and communities for safety. Others are afraid of the discrimination against people who are choosing not to be vaccinated and it causing even more divisiveness in our communities. Some of my clients, who don’t resonate with being vaccinated, feel disrespected and abused by the medical and governmental system. They feel unseen, pressured, and afraid for themselves and their loved ones. Many have shared stories about people they know who had major health complications after getting the vaccine and understandably they are frightened.

Conversely, I’ve heard from clients profoundly concerned about the spread of the virus, as the contagion is so high and there have been grave consequences, not to mention the considerable pressure on our medical systems. One of my clients’ brothers was hospitalized in the Philippines and released after a trichotomy to open his airways when he was unable to breathe. If this had occurred two weeks later, he wouldn’t have been able to get medical intervention. 

I grieve for all the persons who were not treated when they needed the support, and I feel deep sorrow for the children, adolescents, and young adults living in these strange and challenging times. I also feel sad for families torn apart and for all businesses that have had to close their doors.

How can we still care for the collective while honouring our own voice?

These are challenging times where most of us feel under pressure, and struggle to honour what feels right to us, while finding a sense of normalcy and connection. I sense that governing bodies are also struggling inside an impossible equation of serving our collective social needs with the right of the individual citizen.

I believe the underlying lesson in COVID is that we must not accept truths that don’t align with our deeper nature and learn to live peacefully and honour those with different views.

The Spirits I channel speak of the necessity to follow one’s own resonance concerning the vaccine. In other words, they do not advocate that you be vaccinated if you’re afraid, uncertain and if it doesn’t align with your natural values. Conversely, in my blog article Exploring the New Vaccine from a Spiritual Perspective, they go into depth about the new mRNA vaccine and how it’s aligned with Divine intervention. From Masiandia’s perspective, our biology processes the energy of the vaccine and integrates it into useful information for the whole body, mind, and soul.

Based on the channeled guidance I received, I felt confident to be vaccinated myself, and yet I feel alarmed about the new vaccine passport and the pressure it puts on those concerned about the vaccine. While the government is not specifically making vaccines mandatory, I can see that there is nevertheless the push to conform, especially for those whose jobs are at stake. 

The freedom to choose what we put in our bodies is important to me, as is the collective social need for immunization.

We live amidst an intense paradox. There are those amongst us who strongly advocate for worldwide vaccination and those who believe in natural immunization, which is more in alignment with my naturalistic sensibilities.

From a naturalist perspective, I trust that curbing the pandemic necessitates not only people being vaccinated but also those who choose natural immunization. Our differences unite us more than we realize, and I pray we can learn to work with one another and learn from our differences.

In my research on natural immunization, I came across an article by Medical News about analysis that “indicates that people who had never had the infection and received a vaccine in January or February of 2021 were up to 13 times more likely to contract the virus than people who had already had the infection.”

Researchers suggest that “The findings appear to indicate increased protection from natural immunity over vaccine-conferred immunity. This may be due to a more extensive immune response to the SARS-CoV-2 proteins, compared with the immune activation provided by the vaccine.” 

Other sources I’ve explored refer to natural immunization as taking much longer to develop collectively than vaccine immunization. Because our medical system is not established for the level of medical intervention needed for natural immunization, we are facing limits to our personal freedoms, limits that I question and face myself.

We are not through the Pandemic yet and because of that alone, I currently choose to limit my personal freedoms and focus more on the collective social needs. 

Thankfully, Masiandia’s guidance offers me hope. They have assured me that the level of restriction concerning non-essential services, like eating out in restaurants, will ease by next Spring. Still, while I chose to be vaccinated, I don’t like the idea of handing over a phone app to prove that I’ve been vaccinated. Yet boycotting restaurants doesn’t appeal to me either. These are some of the many elements testing our comfort zones and beliefs.

The New Earth

I was reminded of the 5th dimension recently, a term related to the new Earth. It is said that these unprecedented times represent the Earth’s shift into the 5th dimension – a shift into higher consciousness, unconditional love, and oneness, likened to ‘Heaven on Earth’. These energies are colliding with our 3rd dimension ideologues and systems, causing incredible chaos.

Masiandia refers to this chaos as re-patterning our collective humanity. They speak of growth, solidarity, healing, and love, which reminds me of an article I read by Alan Lew about how the Earth has moved into the 4th and 5th dimensions. 

Lew explains that the 4th dimension represents intuition, telepathy, and sensitivity, and the 5th dimension signifies the ascended heart. Lew also explores how the Covid rules, restrictions, fear, and separation from loved ones are helping us transcend our habitual perception of reality and learn to value our freedom, nature, relationships, community, and love. “All of these are Heart Chakra values,” he describes, “and they are all things associated with a 5D planet.”

I hope and pray that as the new collective pattern emerges, we stay patient with one another, stay connected, choose kindness, be loving, be generous, be giving, the fluid as we find our way on the new path. This type of great societal change is hard but I believe we can choose to meet it with grace and dignity.

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    1. I’m glad that my perspective and the channelled guidance is helpful. Thank you for letting me know. It inspires me to keep writing, keep sharing. Blessings Jacki.

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