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An embodied mysticism podcast

Join me as I explore how embracing all facets of being human connects us to our souls.

I’ve dedicated my life to being a clear conduit for Spirit by falling in love with human nature. The body is a temple for the Divine. By honouring the intrinsic intelligence of our humanity and this world, we welcome divinity, we embody love.

In the episodes of this podcast, I share passages from my book with story-telling, poetry and channelled guidance. As well, I share conversations with guests to explore their experience of my book, their questions and insights. We cover topics ranging from soul-purpose, multidimensional consciousness, probable realities, faith, and healing as a spiritual practice. We also adventure into the intuitive nature of our felt-senses and emotions, and how cultivating an intimate relationship with longing opens the door to soul-essence.

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embodied mysticism podcast

June 15th 2021

Welcome to my second episode as I explore multidimensional consciousness and shift that occurs when you view everything as sacred.

One of the driving forces and inspiration behind BodySOUL podcasts was the ability to highlight so many amazing voices, and induce spirit-led inquiry and conversation. I think you’ll enjoy my second podcast as I join my guest in discussing the shift that occurs when you view everything as sacred.

Colin is a co-founder and CEO of Innovation-T, an advanced technology solutions provider focused on Free Energy, Water, Food & Health.

He describes himself as an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur, and I see him as a visionary – a man devoted to spiritual understanding and integration. It is his commitment to pioneering the new earth that led me to invite Colin to join me here today.

June 1st, 2021

Welcome to my first episode with insight on how to cultivate partnership with spirit guidance.

This is my first official episode – the beginning of an in-depth exploration of Mystical Intimacy, my book on embodied mysticism co-written with channelled guidance designed to help you cultivate a conscious relationship with your Spirit and human nature.

I combine channeling with integrative healing and storytelling to bring you an in-depth understanding of the significant role that our human nature plays in the relationship with Spirit and our connection with Divinity.

In this episode, I talk about my first encounter with channelling and how opening one’s channel requires the art of surrender and partnering with Spirit, what that entails, and how to maintain one’s sense of autonomy and well-being.

I take a candid look at how spiritual devotion is not servitude but rather a genuine collaborative partnership with Spirit that necessitates one’s sense of value and responsibility towards one’s personal needs.

Channeled guidance has the power to draw us into an inner sanctuary of belonging, illuminating where we have been and offering us a renewed vision of ourselves. And, these blessings call for our willingness to evolve, shed limiting beliefs and explore life’s many possibilities.

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